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Judo Throws and Chokes by Lukas Krpalek


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Lukas Krpalek

Professional Fighter

Cover a wide array of classic Judo Throws and Chokes with 3x European Champion Lukas Krpalek.

  • Krpalek uses crystal clear demonstrations to emphasize the essential concepts of each technique.
  • Pick up key details you have been missing and make your throws high-percentage!
  • Whether it’s Osoto Gari, Ouchi Gari, or Uchi Mata, Krpalek shows you the gritty details of making each throw work for YOU!
  • No need to be a freak athlete, Lukas gives you the leverage to finally land your techniques!
  • Course Content

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    Volume 1

    Intro 0 - 1:23
    Osoto Gari 1:23 - 6:39
    Ouchi Uchi Mata 6:39 - 12:34
    Ouchi Uchi Mata to Osoto 12:34 - 20:02
    Ogoshi 20:02 - 27:54

    Volume 2

    Sumi Gaeshi 0 - 7:46
    Lukas Sumi Gaeshi 7:46 - 15:12
    Ouchi (Over Under Grip) 15:12 - 24:08
    Ouchi (Over Under Grip) Ko Soto Gake 24:08 - 31:53

    Volume 3

    Head and Arm to Pin (Choke from Turtle) 0 - 10:29
    Ezekiel Choke from Turtle 10:29 - 19:47
    Armbar from Turtle 19:47 - 27:27
    Gripping variation 1 27:27 - 41:28

    Cover a wide array of classic Judo Throws and Chokes with 3x European Champion Lukas Krpalek.

    Learn how to maximize your grips and create advantageous situations to land your throw.

    What Will You Learn?

    Judo Throws And Chokes By Lukas Krpalek covers the major bases of a solid Judo gameplan. While each part of the instructional covers various techniques, within each portion of instruction Lukas goes behind the scenes on how to make each one work. If you have ever struggled to do some of Judo’s most foundational techniques like Uchi Mata, then Judo Throws And Chokes is for you.

    Lukas has a unique teaching approach where he demonstrates techniques at various speeds. Watching him perform turning throws at a slower speed can unlock some key details that you may have been missing. As he starts to pick up the pace while demonstrating his technique really starts to shine.

    Lukas takes the same approach when it comes to chokes. At times it can be difficult to see how to properly grip the collar when applying choking techniques. Sort through the bundles of cloth with more detailed instruction brought to you by 3x European champion Lukas Krpalek.

    Attacking the turtle can be one of the most difficult and frustrating situations to deal with on the mat. Lukas shows you approach the turtle with multiple options at your disposal.Part 3 of Judo Throws And Chokes teaches you to utilize Lukas’s variation of the head and arm or apply a match ending Ezekiel choke.

    So, What Exactly Do You Get?

    Part 1:

    • Intro
    • Osoto Gari 
    • Ouchi Uchi Mata
    • Ouchi Uchi Mata to Osoto
    • Ogoshi

    Part 2:

    • Sumi Gaeshi 
    • Lukas Sumi Gaeshi
    • Ouchi (Over Under Grip) 
    • Ouchi (Over Under Grip) Ko Soto Gake 

    Part 3:

    • Head and Arm to Pin (Choke from Turtle)
    • Ezekiel Choke from Turtle 
    • Armbar from Turtle 
    • Gripping variation 1 

    So, What Does It All Cost?