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Killer Sambo Submissions by Ivan Vasylchuk


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Ivan Vasylchuk

Professional Fighter

Learn how to attack quickly and efficiently with Armbars, Footlocks, and Kneebars.

  • Use Ivan’s unique entries that will have you finding submissions from standing, half guard, full guard, and MORE!
  • Cover a wide array of attacks for all ranges of experience. Learn basic armbars all the way to flying armbars!
  • Transition from standing position directly into submission!
  • Use Ivan’s trademark scissor takedown to safely take the fight to the floor and immediately begin attacking with leg locks.

Course Content

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Volume 1

The base of an armlock 0
Jumping arm bar “visyachka” 24:45
Achilles leg lock basics 31:23
Takedown from standing to Achilles lock 41:02

Volume 2

The basics of the knee bar from half guard - option 1 0
Knee bar basics from half guard - option 2 8:56
Rolling knee bar on the ground 10:19
Rolling knee bar from standing 22.3
Knee leg lock from the stand jumping - "visyachka on the knee" 30.60
Arm bar from guard — option 1 37.18
Arm bar from guard — option 2 44:03

Sambo World Champion Ivan Vasylchuk shares his most effective submissions designed to end the fight with quick entries and brutal finishes.

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What Will You Learn?

If you are a grappler you will LOVE Ivan’s no nonsense approach to submission hunting. Whether you practice BJJ, Judo, or Wrestling you will find the Sambo approach to grappling extremely useful. Ivan Vasylchuk is a Sambo World Champion, and he is here to upgrade your submission arsenal!

Killer Sambo Submissions is a 3-part instructional designed to give you a new perspective on securing submissions. Ivan breaks down the essential finishing details to some of Sambo’s most BRUTAL submissions. Ivan goes into great detail on all aspects of the armbar, knee bar, his signature straight foot lock.

Are you sick of working hard to secure a submission, only to have your opponent escape? Whether you are a complete beginner or a gritty veteran, Ivan shares key details to finishing the submission. With these details you will find the submission FAST. Your opponent will have no time to slip out of your control.

Transitioning from the feet directly to a submission is one of the great strengths of Sambo. Ivan teaches you safe methods to attack with flying submissions. Don’t worry, Ivan teaches you methods of putting your opponent out of position before launching through the air to land an armbar. This keeps you safe, while simultaneously putting your opponent under the threat of submission! Safely scissor takedown the opposition with Killer Sambo Submissions!

Rolling Knee Bar

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • The base of an armlock 
  • Jumping arm bar “visyachka” 
  • Achilles leg lock basics 
  • Takedown from standing to Achilles lock 

Part 2:

  • The basics of the knee bar from half guard - option 1 
  • Knee bar basics from half guard - option 2
  • Rolling knee bar on the ground 
  • Rolling knee bar from standing 
  • Knee leg lock from the stand jumping - "visyachka on the knee" 
  • Arm bar from guard — option 1 
  • Arm bar from guard — option 2

Knee Leg Lock From Jump Standing

So, What Does It All Cost?