Leandro Lo - The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing

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Regarded as one of the most aggressive guard passers in Jiu Jitsu, World Champion Leandro Lo has released his 4 DVD set on his complex guard passing techniques: The Lo Guard and Matrix Passing! This set isn’t for the light hearted, it’s full of advanced techniques Leandro has used to climb to the top and capture his World titles. Learn how to get past the toughest guards such as: 50/50, X Guard, Worm Guard and more!

Contents Include:

Disc 1 – Run Time: 39 Minutes
Spider/DLR/ Single X Sweep *He used in the finals against Langhi – 2013
Technical Stand-up from single X guard
Back Take from single X guard
Single X foot lock sweep *He used in the quarter-finals against Vitor Silvério
Double leg sweep
Back Take from guard pull
Sweep from guard pull
Half Scissor sweep
Leg drag defense with technical stand-up *He used against Otávio Souza Worlds 2014
X Guard to technical stand-up
Double leg sweep variation
Same as position 11 ( Double leg sweep variation ) but fast
Collar drag / variations
X guard/ technical stand-up sweep
Back Take
Disc 2 – Run Time: 42 Minutes
1A- Toreando
1B – Details about toreando grips (1A and 1B go together)
Toreando variation / opponent holding the leg
Jumping X guard pass
Spider guard pass
Back step pass from spider
Cross face smash
Lasso Pass
Lasso Pass variation 1
Lasso Pass variation 2
Lasso Pass variation 3
X guard
X guard pass variation
7 point guard pass from single X
50/50 Pass
50/50 foot on biceps pass
50/50 clock pass
Disc 3 – Run Time: 39 Minutes
DLR Pass
DLR Pass variation
Knee slice with under hook
Switch hip pass
Knee slice with cross face pass
Knee smash on DLR
DLR stack pass
Deep DLR Pass
Knee shield / Pass
Shin on shin pass with variations
Shin on shin pass with back step
Deep half pass
Deep half lapel
Disc 4 – Run Time: 34 Minutes
Worm guard pass
Inverted Dela Worm pass
Cross choke from half with 2 variations
Kimura from inverted top half
DLR arm lock
Omoplata escape
Foot lock escape
Knee bar escape
Monoplata/arm lock