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Leg Attack Defense & Effective Wrestling Offense by Domenic Abounader


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Defend Your Legs, Counter For Huge Points, and Learn New Offensive Strategies with All-American Wrestler & Lebenase World Team Member Domenic Abounder

  • Domenic Abounder competes for Lebanon internationally and trains with the Cliff Keen Wrestling Club at the University of Michigan where he earned All-American Honors in 2018
  • Learn to use your head, hands, and hips properly as your first lines of defense
  • Defend common takedowns, explore inside and outside tie strategies, and master top wrestling tactics that will keep you offensive and in control of the match
  • Explore Abounder’s signature “boot” series
  • Become a more dominant wrestler with world class defense

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Leg Defense - Single Leg Defense 1:09
Lock in Crotch/Go Behind 6:15
Sit on Shoulder 12:26
Single Leg High Defense 15:26
Low Single 18:44
Low Single Variation 21:55
Close Wizard Defense 24:16
High Crotch Defense 26:58
Reverse Lock Defense 31:25
Finishing from a Reverse Lock 34:52

Volume 2

Inside Tie/Triceps Tie - Pump snap/Single Leg Mid finish with Leg Hook 0
Pump and Fake to Arm Drag to Mat Return 6:47
Pump and Fake to Double Leg 10:23
Inside tie/Outside tie to Underhook with Single Leg Finish 14:11
Underhook to Single Variation 17:51

Volume 3

Top Wrestling - Inside Chop to Near Wrist breakdown 0
Chop Split to Ankle over Hook-Elevate to break down 4:05
Boot in from Near Wrist Breakdown 7:56
Boot in Power Half 14:32

Volume 4

Baseline Defense - Head Position 0
Down Blocking to Front Head 2:17
Front Head Variation 7:10
Outro 11:34

Defend Your Legs, Counter For Huge Points, and Learn New Offensive Strategies with All-American Wrestler & Lebenase World Team Member Domenic Abounder

What Will You Learn?


As a top tier wrestler for Lebanon and an All-American from the University of Michigan, Domenic Abounder has seen wrestling at its best! With Leg Attack Defense and Effective Wrestling Offense, Abounder will reveal the secrets of his most effective offensive strategies as well as his incredible defensive tactics, to help you tighten up your entire game and give you the edge! Abounder will instruct you on defending common takedowns, using world class details, and even help you to become more offensive with tips and tricks on multiple tie up and under hook strategies, and you’ll enjoy some top wrestling gold that you’ll be itching to add to your arsenal!

Shoot And Score To All Levels!


You'll start with an entire library of defensive measures, defending and countering single legs, the high crotch, a low single and much more! As you make your way out of the defensive portion of the series, you'll get into some technical tie up mastery, using arm drags, under hooks, and coupling these concepts with a mat return, single legs, and double leg attacks! He’ll round out the series with some top wrestling tips and then close it out with some baseline defensive concepts where you'll learn to transition into the front headlock and get to work from there!

Get More Takedowns Than Ever!


If you're looking for an all-encompassing guide to beautiful defense and offense that's just as crisp and effective, look no further! Abounder will quickly help you recruit effective new tools that will sharpen your entire game and provide you with new opportunities to score and defend from some of the most common attacks in all of wrestling!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

    • Intro
    • Leg Defense
    • Single Leg Defense
    • Lock In Crotch/Go Behind
    • Sit On Shoulder
    • Single Leg High Defense
    • Low Single
    • Low Single Variation
    • Closed Whizzer Defense
    • High Crotch Defense
    • Reverse Lock Defense
    • Finishing From A Reverse Lock

    Part 2:

    • Inside Tie/Triceps Tie
    • Pump Snap/Single Leg Mid Finish With Leg Hook
    • Pump And Fake To Arm Drag to Mat Return
    • Pump And Fake To Double Leg
    • Inside Tie/Outside Tie To Underhook With Single Leg Finish
    • Underhook to Single Variation

        Part 3

        • Top Wrestling
        • Inside Chop To Near Wrist Breakdown
        • Chop Split To Ankle Over Hook-Elevate to Breakdown
        • Boot In From Near Wrist Breakdown
        • Boot In Power Half

        Part 4

        • Baseline Defense
        • Head Position
        • Down Blocking to Front Head
        • Front Head Variation
        • Outro

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