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Lost Art of Feinting by Teddy Atlas


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Teddy Atlas

Professional Fighter

Learn How To Turn One Of The Most Popular Pieces Of Exercise Equipment To The Perfect Tool For Building Mobility With Humberto Silveira Braga’s Guide To Mobility Ball Grappling Workouts!

  • Learn movements that will help develop your mobility for BJJ
  • Discover movements that you apply everyday in training and how to use them on a swiss ball
  • Feel better, move better, perform better with these exercises
  • Prevent injuries and optimize your body so that you can handle all the troubles that comes with BJJ

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Show His Hand 1:59
Blink 11:42
The Magnet 22:53

Volume 2

Doorbell 0
Side Street 10:34
Draw 23:38

Volume 3

Disarm 0
Yoyo 10:41
The Drop 18:56

Volume 4

Ice 0
Pitstop 13:17

Teddy Is A Hall Of Fame Trainer And One Of The Most Recognizable Personalities In Boxing, With Decades Of Experience Coaching And Working At The Elite Levels Of The Sport!


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What Will You Learn?

Fake your shots and learn how to turn them into real feints that can change the entire dynamic of a fight, using famous boxing trainer Teddy Atlas’s lessons on the lost art of the feint. Teddy shares with you all the lessons on feinting he has learned in his hall of fame career training elite boxers and world champions, delivered as only he can, on this 4-volume series.

Feints are subtle fakes in boxing that make your opponent guess and wonder where the shots are coming from, giving you the opportunity to slow them down and start landing bigger and bigger punches. Teddy shows you how to feint, when to feint, and some of the most effective combinations here, delivered in detail.

Use feints to disarm an opponent’s aggression or to make them start swinging at punches that are never coming with Teddy’s techniques like the magnet, the doorbell, the yoyo, and more. Teddy is one of boxing’s best trainers and now his knowledge on this subtle art can be yours on this 4-volume series.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?


  • PART 2

  • DRAW
  • PART 3

  • YOYO
  • PART 4

  • ICE
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