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Low Risk Judo Throws For BJJ by Shintaro Higashi


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Shintaro Higashi

Professional Fighter

Multi-sport athlete Shintaro Higashi shares his best methods of taking the match to the ground.

  • Bridge the gap between the standing techniques of Judo and the groundwork of BJJ
  • Blend some of Judo’s BEST throws in a way that doesn’t sacrifice position.
  • Address pesky guard pulls with Shintaro’s counters and escapes!
  • Cut through the guesswork of the standing game with Low Risk Judo Throws For BJJ!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Judo basics 0:52
Turn throws (why you shouldn't do them in bjj) 8:10
Bail out throws 16:36
Tomoe nage 21:57

Volume 2

Yoko tomoe nage and reverse tomoe nage 0
Defense for tomoe nage 7:10
Double tomoe nages 12:56
Kouchi and leg pick 19:47

Volume 3

Counter to Kouchi and leg pick 0
Sumi gaeshi 3:37
Ouchi gari 13:04
Putting the system together 18:21
Outro 26:00

Learn A Bjj-specific System Of Takedowns That Address Different Grips, Posture, And Movement That Occur Most In Bjj, From 6th-Dan Judo Black Belt Shintaro Higashi

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What Will You Learn?

Shintaro Higashi is a 6th-degree Judo Red/White Belt as well as a BJJ Brown Belt. This unique blend of experience has allowed him to craft an easy to follow system that will give you a complete game plan while in the standing position. Low-Risk Judo Throws For BJJ looks to address the major differences of throwing between BJJ and Judo including grip fighting, footwork, and posture!

Posture is everything. Whether you are going in for a job interview or a BJJ match, where your head is in relation to the rest of your body is very important. In Judo an upright posture is most commonly observed. This lends itself well to the powerful and explosive throwing techniques that occur at high-level competition. BJJ on the other hand oftentimes takes a more lowered approach where the hips are typically far away from the opponent. This slight adjustment makes high amplitude throws very difficult.

Low Risk Judo Throws For BJJ is a 3-part series dedicated to addressing this problem. Shintaro looks to give you a proven method of applying your Judo techniques against an opponent who is in a lowered more defensive stance. He does this by giving you ways of off-balancing your opponent that will make them vulnerable for low-risk attacks. What’s even better is that EACH technique is designed to keep you in a low risk/high reward situation.

Every throw will have you either taking your opponent down to the mat or set you up for your next attack. The high amplitude turning throws of Judo, for example, can be ill-advised in a BJJ setting. Exposing your back to a submission specialist isn’t typically a winning strategy. To avoid this Shintaro employs a healthy mix of Judo classics like kouchi gari, ouchi gari, tomoe nage, and more. Learn how to bail out of a throw if it isn’t working well, and keep yourself in the match.

Defense For Tomoe Nage

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Judo basics
  • Turn throws (why you shouldn't do them in bjj) 
  • Bail out throws 
  • Tomoe nage 

Part 2:

  • Yoko tomoe nage and reverse tomoe nage
  • Defense for tomoe nage 
  • Double tomoe nages 
  • Kouchi and leg pick 

Part 3:

  • Counter to Kouchi and leg pick 
  • Sumi gaeshi 
  • Ouchi gari 
  • Putting the system together 
  • Outro

Counter To Kouchi And Leg Pick

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