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Luta Livre Concepts: Basic Submissions by Nicolas Renier


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Nicolas Renier

Professional Fighter

Learn the Luta Livre submission secrets that will make you a submission hunter.

  • ADCC Veteran and Luta Livre fighter Nicolas Renier will change the way you FINISH your techniques.
  • See why Lutra Livre is the perfect mix of catch wrestling and submission grappling.
  • Instead of playing for points, you will quickly become a submission hunter.
  • Become more dangerous from everywhere

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 2:12
Principles of submission 2:12 - 5:10
Defending the attack 5:10 - 15:41
Attacking 15:41 - 24:29
Turtle position - Foot attack 24:29 - 35:06
Kata Gatame 35:06 - 43:30
Guillotine & arm-triangle 43:30 - 1:01:48

Volume 2

Attacking the guard - Foot attack 0 - 14:50
Kimura 14:50 - 23:55
Compression 23:55 - 36:29
Defending the guard 36:29 - 52:54

Volume 3

Darce Choke from Side control 0 - 14:50
Compressions from Side control 14:50 - 23:01
Guillotine from side control 23:01 - 34:08

Volume 4

Other submissions from side control 0 - 14:45
Submissions from defending side control 14:45 - 25:02
Submissions from mount position 25:02 - 30:41
Conclusion 30:41 - 32:27

Learn the Luta Livre submission secrets that will make you a submission hunter.

ADCC Veteran and Luta Livre fighter Nicolas Renier will change the way you FINISH your techniques.

What Will You Learn?

A long time rival of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Luta Livre grew out of the streets and favelas of Brazil. The hard-nosed foundation of many No Holds Barred fighters is filled with a complete toolbox of effective techniques. In this series, ADCC veteran and MMA fighter Nicolas Renier is going to turn you into a blood thirsty submission hunter in no time. Don’t simply defend their attacks or try to escape bad positions. Use those positions to your advantage and submit from every possible position.

So What's On This Series?

Nicolas Renier is going to reveal easy to land submission opportunities from every position. When they try to take you down, you submit them. When you’re turtled up or defending from bottom side control, instead of just waiting for them to advance their gameplan, he’s will show you where the submission opportunities lie. You will feel like you’re seeing these positions and sub opportunities for the very first time.

So What Exactly Do You Get?

In this four volume series you’re going to get over 50 different submission options from every conceivable position. This series is filled to the brim with leg attacks, Darce choke variations, kimuras and other arm attacks. Make your game more aggressive and keep your opponents on their heels by adding the Luta Livre philosophy into your approach.

Part 1 will serve as your introduction to the Lute Livre Submission approach from a variety of positions. This portion alone is worth the price of admission.

Part 2 is going to be a masters course in Guillotines, Darce Chokes and a series of brutal “Compressions” which we guarantee your opponents are not ready for.

Part 3 is going to be all about attacking the guard with foot locks, kimuras and other submissions.

And finally in Part 4, Nicolas Renier is going to round out the submissions with tons from side control and mount.

So What Techniques Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Principles of submission
  • Defending the attack
  • Attacking 
  • Turtle position
  • Foot attack 
  • Kata Gatame 
  • Guillotine & arm-triangle 

Part 2:

  • Attacking the guard 
  • Foot attack
  • Kimura 
  • Compression 
  • Defending the guard 

Part 3:

  • Darce Choke from Side control
  • Compressions from Side control
  • Guillotine from side control

Part 4:

  • Other submissions from side control
  • Submissions from defending side control 
  • Submissions from mount position 
  • Conclusion 

So What Does It Cost?

Investing in your submission game is the best investment you can make in your grappling. In this series, you will gain an intimate knowledge of Luta Livre which has been the longtime rival of BJJ for decades. These are set ups and moves that your opponents and training partners will never see coming. Catch them over and over and get ready for them to beg you to show them how you did it.
How much would you pay for a series that can help you become a submission gunslinger? We could have easily charged $147 for the Lute Livre: Basic Submissions, but for only $77 you can get the taps faster and easier!



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