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Mirroring Principle: End Game Finishers by Wim Deputter


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Wim Deputter

Professional Fighter

Look at SUBMISSIONS with brand new eyes with the help of Wim Deputter.

  • This Belgium-based, Brasa black belt has UNIQUE and NEW finishing DETAILS you’ve never seen before.
  • Invigorate your Mount, Back Control and Closed Guard using the MIRRORING PRINCIPLE and improve your CONTROL and SUB percentage.
  • This is Wim’s complete tricky OFFENSIVE approach that contains BJJ hacks that you would never have figured out on your own. This instructional hands them to you, saving you tons of time using traditional trial and error.
  • Become more dangerous from everywhere

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 1:08
Heaven and Hell 1:08 - 2:37
General problems 2:37 - 8:39
Staying in control 8:39 - 14:20
Collar choke 14:20 - 19:37
Reverse triangle from heaven 19:37 - 24:22
Reverse triangle from hell 24:22 - 28:43
Finishing the reverse triangle 28:43 - 35:07
Back mount 35:07 - 41:23
Trouble in heaven 41:23 - 46:38
Trouble in hell 46:38 - 49:36
Back to spiderweb entry 49:36 - 52:48

Volume 2

Controlling the spiderweb 0 - 3:15
Understanding the arm bar 3:15 - 9:47
Grip break heaven 1 9:47 - 15:32
Grip break heaven 2 15:32 - 18:02
Grip break heaven 3 18:02 - 23:14
Grip break heaven 4 23:14 - 27:20
Reverse triangle from spiderweb 27:20 - 33:28
Arm bar from hell 33:28 - 38:17
360 arm bar 38:17 - 48:23
Preventing the opponent from getting up 48:23 - 56:26

Volume 3

The Closed Guard Intro 0 - 1:52
Isolating the shoulder 1:52 - 6:50
Fist-choke 6:50 - 9:26
Ideal angle for the shoulder catch 9:26 - 15:37
The perfect grip 15:37 - 20:47
Problems with the triangle 20:47 - 26:12
The ideal triangle 26:12 - 33:34
Arm bar from mount 33:34 - 39:50
Triangle from mount 39:50 - 43:41

Look at SUBMISSIONS with brand new eyes with the help of Wim Deputter.

This Belgium-based, Brasa black belt has UNIQUE and NEW finishing DETAILS you’ve never seen before.

What Will You Learn?

Wim Deputter is one of the most highly sought after BJJ instructors in the world. His EYE OPENING approach will change the ways you look at BJJ. In the Endgame series, Wim is going to give you a complete conceptual approach to GETTING DOMINANT positions and FINISHING YOUR OPPONENTS.

We are all looking for NEW and INNOVATIVE ways to FINISH our submissions in ways that our opponents have never seen. Deputter’s approach is both simple and game changing. By hacking the positions we think we know, Wim Deputter easily saves us thousands of hours of trial and error.

In the Endgame Finishers Series you are going to learn all of Wim’s CONTROL and FINISHING techniques from all of the most dominant positions. Part One is focused on getting you to back control and KEEPING it. From there, Wim Deputter shares all of his SUBMISSION secrets. Part Two focuses on the SPIDERWEB position and how to lock it down and FINISH from there everytime!

In volumes three and four, Wim explores Closed Guard and Mount. You will come away with a deeper understanding of SUBMISSIONS like the triangle and arm bar after this set. Let Wim Deputter teach you how!

So What's On This Series?

In Volume One Wim Deputter is going to take you on a tour of Heaven and Hell and how these concepts can impact your BACK CONTROL. Every problem your opponent can create is addressed and answered by a SUBMISSION hack you’ve never seen before.

Transitioning to the SPIDERWEB position in Volume Two, Wim Deputter is going to revolutionize your ability to control and FINISH a variety of arm bars regardless of the opponent’s defenses.

Volumes Three and Four of the ENDGAME FINISHERS series will change your CLOSED GUARD and MOUNT. The triangle and arm bar hacks in this section are worth the price of admission alone.

What Exactly Do You Get?

This is Wim Deputter’s COMPLETE SUBMISSION system and how to CONTROL and stop any ESCAPE your opponent can attempt.
This DVD is perfect for the grappler at ANY level and you don’t need any crazy athleticism. Yes, Wim Deputter is an accomplished black belt with hundreds of BJJ matches and an outstanding 19-4 MMA record, but his instruction and techniques can make ANYONE a better at FINISHING SUBS and DOMINATING their opponents.

So What Techniques Are On This Series?

Volume 1:

  • Intro
  • Heaven and Hell
  • General problems 
  • Staying in control 
  • Collar choke 
  • Reverse triangle from heaven 
  • Reverse triangle from hell 
  • Finishing the reverse triangle 
  • Back mount 
  • Trouble in heaven 
  • Trouble in hell 
  • Back to spiderweb entry 

Volume 2:

  • Controlling the spiderweb
  • Understanding the arm bar 
  • Grip break heaven 1
  • Grip break heaven 2 
  • Grip break heaven 3 
  • Grip break heaven 4
  • Reverse triangle from spiderweb 
  • Arm bar from hell 
  • 360 arm bar 
  • Preventing the opponent from getting up 

Volume 3:

  • The Closed Guard Intro
  • Isolating the shoulder 
  • Fist-choke
  • Ideal angle for the shoulder catch 
  • The perfect grip 
  • Problems with the triangle 
  • The ideal triangle 
  • Arm bar from mount 
  • Triangle from mount 

So What Does It All Cost?

Wim Deputter travels the world teaching seminars with the Globetrotters network and is highly sought after. In this series, Wim Deputter is going to address the age-old question of HOW TO FINISH once you get to a good position. The techniques on these dvds do not require any crazy athleticism. They will allow you to control and finish your opponents with ease. If you’re looking for the fastest way to get better at FINISHES, then get this set!
We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that. Instead cut that price nearly 50% and get ENDGAME FINISHERS SERIES for just:


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