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MMA Takedown Mastery by Ben Askren


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Ben Askren

Professional Fighter

Master Ben Askren’s Most Trusted Bread and Butter Takedowns for MMA As He Teaches The Takedowns He Used To Take Down Elite Competition In The Cage

  • Ben Askren is UFC veteran, ONE Champion, and Bellator Champion who has secured takedowns in almost every MMA fight he’s been in
  • Learn the critical differences between takedowns in MMA and grappling only formats 
  • When punches are a factor the game changes. Explore the best ways to remove your opponents from their feet inside the cage
  • Set up and finish takedowns with a renewed sense of confidence using key details from one of the most technical and innovative wrestling coaches in the country

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Step Around Throw 4:44
High Level High Crotch 10:42
Inside Trip 16:57
Over-Tie Slideby 19:53
Front HeadLock 25:19
Sag Headlock 32:46

Volume 2

Underhook 0
Seatbelt 4:46
Double Leg 12:43
Knee Pick 20:49
Conclusion 22:59

Master Ben Askren’s Most Trusted Bread and Butter Takedowns for MMA As He Teaches The Takedowns He Used To Take Down Elite Competition In The Cage



Ben Askren wrestled his way to the very top of ONE and Bellator using his signature style of grappling and now the UFC vet is revealing the keys to a successful takedown game inside the cage! With MMA Takedown Mastery, Askren will walk you through the steps of building a rock solid game from the feet and explain the crucial differences between wrestling on the mat and inside the octagon. With world level instruction, Askren will provide you the tools you need to navigate multiple MMA grappling scenarios, helping you to become a more well-rounded and dangerous fighter!

Use These Slick Takedowns & Throws In Wrestling & MMA!





Learn strong grappling strategies coupled with the elements of considering strikes and a focus on taking less damage during the standing exchanges, in this specialized series dedicated to the MMA takedown. You’ll get a look at some of Askrens most trustworthy takedowns like the step around and throw, high level high crotch, the double leg, the knee, pick, and much more, all backed with high level instruction and experience from one of the best wrestlers in MMA! 

Get Control And Get Dominant Position With These Battle Tested Techniques




Askren’s accolades speak for themselves and as a coach, he’s one of the most respected in the country! His MMA resume and vast experience as a fighter is impressive and he knows exactly what you need to be a successful takedown artist inside the cage. Take less damage and score more takedowns with Askre’s complete blueprint for MMA grappling success! 

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1

  • Intro
  • Step Around Throw
  • High Level High Crotch
  • Inside Trip
  • Over-Tie Slide By
  • Front Headlock
  • Sag Headlock

Part 2

  • Underhook
  • Seatbelt
  • Double Leg
  • Knee Pick
  • Conclusion

    So, What Does It Cost?