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Money Takedowns and Top Work by Bryce Meredith


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Bryce Meredith

Professional Fighter

Use These Money Moves to Score Takedowns and Pins With Bryce Meredith's Guide to Exciting Offensive Wrestling

  • 3-Time All-American and NCAA Finalist Shows The Techniques That Helped Him Win On The Collegiate and Senior Level
  • With this series, you'll be able to get to shots, finish strong, and get to work on top
  • Learn the armbar system that Bryce used to become one of the best top wrestlers in the NCAA
  • Finish your shots with these hard to stop combinations and techniques

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 1:32
Head Block Drill 1:32 - 4:51
Head Block Reattack Drill 4:51 - 7:26
Down Blocking Philosophy 7:26 - 11:02
Putting It All Together 11:02 - 13:36
Arm Drag Drill 13:36 - 19:42
Two On One Drag Drill 19:42 - 23:48
Elbow Passes 23:48 - 27:46
Underhook Entries 27:46 - 31:59
Drilling Your Set Ups 31:59 - 35:24
Snap Down 35:24 - 39:20
Snap Down to High Crotch 39:20 - 43:10
High Crotch Positioning 43:10 - 46:22
Crackdown to Bottom Leg Cradle 46:22 - 50:47
Shimmy Shake Single 50:47 - 52:57
Rotate Double 52:57 - 58:04

Volume 2

Far ankle far knee 0 - 4:51
Trip from the feet 4:51 - 8:10
Cradle Finish 8:10 - 12:01
Transitioning to single leg shelf 12:01 - 16:53
Low Level Double 16:53 - 20:46

Volume 3

Armbar Half 0 - 8:45
The Money Stack 8:45 - 14:01
Cartwheel Finish 14:01 - 17:34
Broke Back Tilt 17:34 - 22:41
Armbar Setups 22:41 - 26:47
The Impossible To Stop Roll 26:47 - 33:23
Closing Message 33:23 - 35:44


Use These Money Moves To Score Takedowns And Pins With Bryce “Money” Meredith’s Guide To Exciting Offensive Wrestling

Learn these money moves and score takedowns and pins with Bryce “Money” Meredith’s guide to exciting offensive wrestling. The 3-time All-American and NCAA finalist shows you his favorite combos for attacking from the feet and his signature armbar series that made him one of the best top wrestlers in all of college wrestling. Now Bryce is competing on the world-level as a senior freestyle athlete and you can see the hidden details behind his most reliable positions and moves.

Follow along as Bryce Meredith shows you all of the principles, fundamentals, and concepts that you need to move as efficiently as possible and score with reliable set ups and finishes. Bryce shows the same drills and philosophies that have brought him so much success on the mats, broken down in a way that wrestlers of any level can benefit.

Learn This Slick Single Leg That Bryce Uses Against Elite Opponents 

With this series, you will be able to get to someone’s legs, finish strong, and then get to work on top to control and pin tough opponents. Bryce breaks down his high crotch system, including how he sets opponents up, the shot mechanics that every wrestler needs (including how to avoid the common mistakes he sees in younger wrestlers), and the ways he finishes against all the levels of defense. With these tips on how to strengthen your high crotch position, you can have the confidence to pull the trigger and wrestle with technique.

Bryce was a known terror on top in the NCAA, so dangerous with his armbar series that, by his senior year, everyone at the NCAA tournament wouldn’t choose bottom against him. Now, you can get that same airtight armbar system in your game as Bryce shows you the step-by-step details that make his turns so unique. Combine these stacks, tilts, and turns into a crushing top game that gets you points and pins when you need them.

Secure The Bag And Secure The Fall With This Cartwheel Finish To Your Armbar


So What's On This Series

Volume 1

  • Introduction
  • Down Blocking
  • Head Block Drill
  • Head Block Reattack Drill
  • Down Blocking Philosophy
  • Putting It All Together
  • Set Ups
  • Arm Drag Drill
  • Two On One Drag Drill
  • Elbow Passes
  • Underhook Entries
  • Drilling Your Set Ups
  • Snap Down
  • Snap Down to High Crotch
  • High Crotch Positioning
  • Crackdown to Bottom Leg Cradle
  • Shimmy Shake Double
  • Rotate Double

Volume 2

  • Near Hip Shelf Finishes
  • Far Ankle Far Knee
  • Trip From The Feet
  • Cradle Finish
  • Transitioning to Single Leg Shelf
  • Low Level Double

Volume 3

  • Armbar Series
  • Armbar Half
  • The Money Stack
  • Cartwheel Finish
  • Broke Back Tilt
  • Armbar Setups
  • The Impossible to Stop Roll
  • Closing Message

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