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Movement Made Easy by Jordan Oliver


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Jordan Oliver

Professional Fighter

Make Your Next Takedown Easier Than Ever

  • Make every step count and move better than ever on your feet to set up takedowns
  • Jordan Oliver is a 2-time NCAA Champion, US Open Champion, and one of the best technicians in America
  • Learn the hidden wrestling technique behind managing space, making first contact, and creating opportunities to score
  • Learn Jordan's signature attacks, including the low single and Easton shrug

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 00:31
Entering The Bubble 00:31 - 17:36

Volume 2

Breaking "A Position" 0 - 21:05
Shooting And Finishing The Low Single, Part 1 21:05 - 34:00

Volume 3

Shooting And Finishing The Snatch and Sweep Single 0 - 23:58

Volume 4

Misdirection Attacks & Outside Steps 0 - 23:06
The Easton Shrug 23:06 - 34:04

Make Your Next Takedown Easier Than Ever

NCAA Champion and US Open Champion Jordan Oliver Shows How To Use Movement To Attack All Levels Of The Body

Make every step count and move better than ever on your feet, as Jordan Oliver shares his secrets for attacking all levels of the body for takedowns from space. Learn the hidden wrestling technique behind managing space, making first contact, and creating opportunities to score with these elite wrestling details that can take your offense to the next level. Jordan is one of the America's best freestyle and folkstyle technicians of his generation, and you can learn what makes him so effective with his style across this 4-volume series based around his takedown wrestling system

Every wrestling match starts on the feet, and whoever moves their body the best is almost sure to be the first to attack and start scoring. Now you can learn how to combine real effective footwork, feints, and attacks in ways that give you a strategy for that movement. Each movement has a purpose and they all work together in one cohesive system that Jordan teaches across 4-volumes for maximum effect.

Watch Jordan Explain How He Uses Movement To Create Attacks

Jordan Oliver is recognized, even among peers, as one of the best technicians and strategists in America's competitive senior level scene today, constantly evolving his game and breaking down technique to its most important concepts. Now you can get inside his head as he explains the hidden details behind how he uses his set ups to attack all levels of the body, with leg attacks to both sides and misdirection attacks upper body. These are the same takedowns that won Jordan two NCAA titles at Oklahoma State (with 4-All American honors), and countless matches at the senior level against domestic and international competition. Jordan has beaten a who's who of wrestlers, and now he is partnering with Fanatic Wrestling to share his keys to success with the world.

Attack the legs to both sides and change things up with Jordan's signature Easton slide by, a staple in his career that has always been his ace in the hole. This series will help you understand how to move in your stance, break people's defenses down with fakes and feints, and start taking committed shots with the most technically effective positioning possible. Give yourself a whole new understanding of how important these fundamental concepts are, as Jordan coaches you through not just how to do these moves but why they work so well.

Learn Jordan's Signature Takedowns, Like The Easton Shrug He Used To Win Nationals

Stop walking around the mat like Frankenstein and start moving smoothly and effectively, beating your opponent's positioning while never breaking your own. With keys that he has picked up around the world, working with and wrestling against the best, Jordan has developed a unique style that mixes and blends the American aggressiveness with the foreign technical mastery, and now that unique style is here on this 4-volume set. Stop walking into danger and start running circles around the competition with this blueprint for better wrestling.

So What’s On This Series

Volume 1

  • Introduction
  • Entering The Bubble

Volume 2

  • Breaking "A" Position
  • Shooting and Finishing the Low Single, Part 1

Volume 3

  • Shooting and Finishing the Snatch and Sweep Single

Volume 4

  • Misdirection Attacks & Outside Steps
  • The Easton Shrug