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Power Underhooks by Mike Letts


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Mike Letts

Professional Fighter

Hammer Your Next Opponent With This Underhook System That Will Move Them All Over The Mat

  • NCAA All-American, ACC Champ, & PA State Champ Mike Letts shows his full underhook system for scoring
  • Master one of wrestling's strongest ways to tie up and control
  • Attack both sides of the body for dynamic takedowns
  • Learn the top work that Mike used to score big points at the highest levels

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - :35
Getting to an underhook :35 - 5:39
Underhook Inside Reach High Single 5:39 - 12:10
Misdirection High Crotch 12:10 - 17:18
Misdirection Knee Pick 17:18 - 22:22
Knee Pick Alternate Finish 22:22 - 25:16

Volume 2

Underhook Ankle Pick 0 - 5:45
Underhook to Head In The Hole Front Headlock 5:45 - 12:02
Front Headlock Heel Trap 12:02 - 17:51
Underhook Punch Single 17:51 - 21:46
Underhook Throw By 21:46 - 28:26

Volume 3

Hammerlock Shoulder Pull 0 - 13:43
Hammerlock Shoulder Breaker 13:43 - 20:04
One on One Cheap Tilt 20:04 - 23:07
Straight Arm Step over 23:07 - 27:23

Volume 4

Wrist Roll Cross Wrist Tilt0 - 5:15
Wrist Roll Cross Wrist Turk5:15 - 11:46
Collar Tie Shuck11:46 - 15:55
Elbow Pass 2-On-115:55 - 17;47
Elbow Control Redirect17:47 - 20:34
Elbow Pass to Far Ankle20:34 - 24:49
Leg In Trick Move24:49 - 27:54

Hammer Your Next Opponent With This Underhook System That Will Move Them All Over The Mat

NCAA All-American, ACC Champion, and 2-time PA State Champ Mike Letts shows his bulletproof techniques behind dominating with underhooks


Punch in your underhooks and power your opponents around the mat with All-American Mike Letts’s system for winning the takedown. Learn how to get to one of wrestling’s most important control ties and how to move around your opponents with position and leverage, even opponents stronger than you are. The combinations and systems for underhook takedowns can totally change the way you wrestle on the feet. These secrets to getting the most out of every tie-up can be yours on this 4-volume instructional series, Power Underhooks by Mike Letts.

The underhook can be one of wrestling’s most powerful positions if you know how to use it. Mike Letts, an ACC champion, NCAA All-American, 2-time Pennsylvania state champ, and Division-1 head coach at Navy, specializes in throwing in underhooks (with a variety of strong entries) and moving people around until he can set up a takedown. Learn how you can use his tricks and tips to get to people’s legs and start scoring way more from the feet.

In addition to his underhook series, learn the hammerlock top game that Mike used to rack up points in Pennsylvania and at the national Division-1 level. With pinning combinations and tilts to both sides, this is a dynamic system that you can use to blow open matches. Put your opponents in big trouble next time you get on top with a hammerlock, one of wrestling’s signature holds.

In addition to technique, also get into the mind of a champion as Kyle brings you through the strategies he uses (depending on the opponent), and how he reads and tracks an opponent through the match to break them down. Whether it’s improving your sprawl or clearing a control tie before turning it into your points, you’ll know not only what to do but how to think your way through the toughest positions. Give yourself the technical and strategic edge every time you step on the mat with bulletproof defenses.

Attack both sides of the body and use your opponent’s reactions against him with Mike’s varied and technical approach to scoring from the feet. With his control tie in place, you’ll learn all his favorite setups and finishes that he was successful with at the highest levels of folkstyle wrestling. Shoot and score with singles, knee picks, high crotches, and more, and combine them together to unlock your scoring potential from the feet.

So What’s On This Series


  • Introduction
  • Getting to an Underhook
  • Underhook Inside Reach High Single
  • Misdirection High Crotch
  • Misdirection Knee Pick
  • Knee Pick Alternate Finish


  • Underhook Ankle Pick
  • Underhook to Head In The Hole Front Headlock
  • Front Headlock Heel Trap
  • Underhook Punch Single
  • Underhook Throw By


  • Hammerlock Shoulder Pull
  • Hammerlock Shoulder Breaker
  • One on One Cheap Tilt
  • Straight Arm Step Over


  • Wrist Roll Cross Wrist Tilt
  • Wrist Roll Cross Wrist Turk
  • Collar Elbow Shuck
  • Elbow Pass 2-on-1
  • Elbow Control Redirect
  • Elbow Pass to Far Ankle
  • Leg In Trick Move