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Precision De La Riva Attacks by Jay Wadsworth


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Jay Wadsworth

Professional Fighter

Make Your Guard a 1-2 Punch With Jay Wadsworth’s Precision Attacks From De La Riva and 92 Double Sleeve Guard

  • Never Get Smashed Around Again By A Bigger Fighter With This Brand Game That Is Sure To Skyrocket Your Ground Game
  • Veteran Blackbelt Competitor, Coach, And Police Office Jay Wadsworth Is Back With Bjj Fanatics The New Guard System He’s Been Using To Frustrate And Dominate Everyone
  • Jay Wadsworth is one of our favorites here at BJJ Fanatics, for his technical style
  • Learn a simple hack that will help you develop a nearly impassable guard
  • Transform your game

Course Content

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Volume 1

de la Riva grips from combat base 0 - 3:53
pulling de la riva from standing 3:53 - 5:51
modified balloon sweep with back take 5:51 - 11:23
modified balloon sweep to leg drag 11:23 - 14:49
de la riva to single leg 14:49 - 19:22
creating an angle to counter driving the foot down 19:22 - 22:17
countering the reverse sit from de la riva 22:17 - 27:58
full de la riva hook utilizing 3 different grips 27:58 - 33:56
deep hook to single leg 33:56 - 37:41

Volume 2

introduction 0 - 1:06
de la Riva to hangman finish 1:06 - 5:30
de la Riva to bow and arrow 5:30 - 9:14
de la riva to failed bow and arrow to reverse ezekial 9:14 - 12:34
de la Riva to cross choke from back 12:34 - 14:32
de la Riva to 3 options for knee on belly 14:32 - 22:40
de la Riva to near side arm bar from knee on belly 22:40 - 24:59
de la riva to knee on neck choke utilizing the lapel 24:59 - 31:07
de la Riva to baseball bat choke using the tail of the lapel 31:07 - 34:39

Make Your Guard a 1-2 Punch With Jay Wadsworth’s Precision Attacks From De La Riva and 92 Double Sleeve Guard