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Quick & Effective Takedowns Explained by Alec Pantaleo


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alec pantaleo

Professional Fighter

Learn To Effectively Secure A Wide Range Of Quick-Hitting Takedowns Including From The Sprinter Stance And The Pinch Post With NCAA Medalist Alec Pantaleo!

  • Master the sprinter stance for an explosive foundation to launch hard-to-stop takedowns.
  • Increase your takedown efficiency by tweaking basic finishes to revitalize classic takedowns.
  • Utilize the pinch post to shut down your opponent’s offense from the collar tie, while providing a versatile platform to launch your own offense!
  • Consistently work your way through the crackdown position with world-class variations.
  • Make takedowns easier to land by learning numerous finishing variations for doubles, singles, high c’s, super ducks, and MORE!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Sprinter Stance Setup 1:23
Sprinter Stance Double Leg 5:21
Sprinter Stance Blast Double 11:02
Locking Hands 16:09
High C Finish 18:33

Volume 2

Crackdown Finish 0
Crackdown Finish Variation 1 6:46
Crackdown Finish Variation 2 11:57
Inside Reach Single 16:07
Inside Reach Single with Navy Finish 21:23
Navy Tilt 27:08

Volume 3

Barzegar Finish 0
Pinch Post Control Tie concepts 6:50
Pinch Post Blast Double 9:34
Pinch Post Single Leg Backside Finish 14:18
Pinch Post Single Leg Ramp with Tomahawk Finish 20:47
Pinch Post Spilt the Middle Finish 26:46

Volume 4

Sprinter Stance Low Single Finish 0
Sprinter Stance Low Single Pop Up Finish 4:57
Pinch Post Single Leg to Split the Middle with Hook the Leg Finish 9:27
Wrist Exchange Low Single 14:29
Super Duck 19:17
Outro 24:42

Learn To Effectively Secure A Wide Range Of Quick-Hitting Takedowns Including From The Sprinter Stance And The Pinch Post With NCAA Medalist Alec Pantaleo!

What Will You Learn?


If you are looking for more consistent methods to control your opponent, limit their offense, and increase your takedown efficiency, then you are in the right place! Alec Pantaleo, NCAA medalist and standout wrestler for the University of Michigan, is here to lay out a complete takedown system that focuses around two game changing concepts. Learn to make the sprinter stance and pinch post versatile options of attack that ANYONE can use!

Use The Pinch Post For Powerful Takedowns


Quick & Effective Takedowns Explained is a 4-part series that takes a high-level look at how to make both the sprinter stance and pinch post a go-to system of attack for any wrestler. Alec goes in depth on how to use each concept to land classic takedowns. You’ll learn how to utilize the most explosive position that a human can achieve, the sprinter’s stance, to blow through your opponents! The sprinter's stance is designed to use your opponent’s force against them, and with the series you will be able to consistently put your opponent in perfect position to use sprinter stance-based takedowns.

Finish Clean And Score More Points Than Ever


Another key focus of the series is the pinch post. The pinch post is a good system to learn for all wrestlers because it can be applied in some of the most common situations that occur on the mat. Collar ties that could lead to you eating the mat with brutal snapdowns, now become an all new dynamic by using the pinch post. Alec’s pinch post system allows you to regain control of the action when your opponent is able to secure collar ties. Utilize and master the pinch post to shutdown your opponent’s offense while simultaneously providing efficient avenues of attack!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

    • Intro
    • Sprinter Stance Setup
    • Sprinter Stance Double Leg
    • Sprinter Stance Blast Double
    • Locking Hands
    • High C Finish

    Part 2:

    • Crackdown Finish
    • Crackdown Finish Variation 1
    • Crackdown Finish Variation 2
    • Inside Reach Single
    • Inside Reach Single With Navy Finish
    • Navy Tilt

        Part 3

        • Barzegar Finish
        • Pinch Post Control Tie Concepts
        • Pinch Post Blast Double
        • Pinch Post Single Leg Backside Finish
        • Pinch Post Single Leg Ramp With Tomahawk Finish
        • Pinch Post Split The Middle Finish

        Part 4

        • Sprinter Stance Low Single Finish
        • Sprinter Stance Low Single Pop Finish
        • Pinch Post Single Leg To Split The Middle With Hook The Leg Finish
        • Wrist Exchange Low Single
        • Super Duck
        • Outro

        So, What Does It Cost?