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Reap The Leg by Dean Lister


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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dean lister

Professional Fighter

Dean Lister, one of grappling’s original leg lockers, shows you how to attack the legs for super effective submissions under the updated IBJJF and ADCC rulesets

  • Use open and closed circuits to secure and submit with heel hooks, kneebars, straight ankles, and more that Dean shows
  • Dean Lister is a very accomplished grappler, including an ADCC absolute championship that he won with effective leg locking secrets he shares here
  • Enter into leg locking positions like the reap, the outside ashi, the cross ashi and more in effective and simple combinations you can use

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Open Circuit And Closed Circuit 3:36
Open Circuit And Closed Circuit Description - The Door Stopper 5:25
Committed Attack Vs A Non Committed Attack 10:19
Why Straight Footlocks Anyway? 12:48
Reaping By Itself (With A Footlock) 17:03
Kimono Grab 23:33

Volume 2

Dean Lister Combination 0
Hand Position For Heelhook 6:53
Opposing Directions 15:29
Double Reap And Double Heel Hook 17:47
Heelhook And Footlock Entrance When Passing From The Knee 20:41
Heelhook And Footlock Entrance When Passing Standing 28:08

Volume 3

Game Over/Rusian Knee Knot 0
Outside Ashi/Toquinho 8:06
Bonus Move: Knee Lock Escape 13:19

Learn How To Safely, Effectively, and LEGALLY Use Lower Body Submissions For The 2021 Updated IBJJF & ADCC Rulesets With Dean Lister, One Of The Pioneers Of Leg Locks And Heel Hooks

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What Will You Learn?

Finally you can learn how to safely attack the lower body with one of the original leg lockers of submission grappling, as ADCC Absolute Champion Dean Lister teaches you how to secure and submit with heel hooks and more for the 2021 IBJJF updated ruleset and ADCC competition. This 3-part series offers techniques and coaching on the outside ashi, straight foot locks, leg reaps, leg knots, and more that can totally change your game.

Leg locks have become an unstoppable trend in no-gi grappling, and now the IBJJF is updating their rules at brown and black belt to allow them. Make sure you can not just stay safe, but use and dominate with leg locking as the OG of leg locking success shows you how to control and submit.

Dean Lister was one of the first major competitors to use leg locks, and he was a trend setter that helped inspire the modern grappling game. Use Dean’s open and closed circuit theories to secure and set up heel hooks, straight ankle locks, and more from common positions. Reap and attack legs with technique and knowledge, so you can safely and effectively pummel and fight under any ruleset.

Double Reap And Double Heel Hook

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Open Circuit And Closed Circuit 
  • Open Circuit And Closed Circuit Description 
  • The Door Stopper 
  • Committed Attack Vs A Non Committed Attack
  • Why Straight Footlocks Anyway? 
  • Reaping By Itself (With A Footlock) 
  • Kimono Grab 

Part 2:

  • Dean Lister Combination 
  • Hand Position For Heelhook
  • Opposing Directions 
  • Double Reap And Double Heel Hook
  • Heelhook And Footlock Entrance When Passing From The Knee
  • Heelhook And Footlock Entrance When Passing Standing 

Part 3:

  • Game Over/Rusian Knee Knot 
  • Outside Ashi/Toquinho 
  • Bonus Move: Knee Lock Escape

So, What Does It Cost?