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Safe Sacrifice Throws For BJJ by Justin Flores


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Justin Flores

Professional Fighter

Use these throws to safely launch fighters in BJJ, using judo principles and concepts

  • Flores is the head coach of the National Judo Team and a former All-American, D1 wrestler for Nebraska
  • Learn to fuse grappling’s best techniques into takedowns for jiu-jitsu
  • Take your opponents down with greater ease while not exposing yourself in the process

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Yoko Tomoe Nage (Side Circle Throw) - Introduction 2:33
Throw Basics 4:24
From the Butterfly Guard 10:52
From one knee 16:50

Volume 2

From the feet squatting 0
From the feet standing 6:05
Using Both Feet To Throw 14:03
Pendulum Set Up 18:22
The Karate Kick Set Up 25:02

Volume 3

Cross Step Set Up 0
Troubleshooting Yoko Tomoe Nage 3:13
Transitioning to the armbar 11:57
Transitioning to armbar 2 17:01

Volume 4

Sumi Gaeshi (Rear Sacrifice Throw) - Throw Basics 0
From standing 5:32
Leg Kick Set up 11:03
Vs single leg 15:48
Obi Tori Gaeshi 22:27
Obi Tori Gaeshi Variation 25:36
Solo Drills - Shoulder Roll 31:53
Tomoe Nage Shoulder Roll 33:52
Sumi Gaeshi Shoulder Roll 36:42

Master the art of the sacrifice throw for BJJ with BJJ black belt and 3x National Judo Champion, Justin Flores

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What Will You Learn?

With Safe Sacrifice Throws for BJJ, 2x National Judo Champion, former All-American D1 wrestler, and BJJ black belt, Justin Flores will provide you with the tools you need to reverse and take your opponents down safely and without exposing yourself to danger, using a genius blend of grappling techniques and secrets that Flores has accumulated over years of competing at the highest levels of grappling!

We’ve all been there! You secure the takedown but as soon as the fight hits the floor, you get reversed or even worse, stuck in a submission. Flores will show you how to efficiently take your training partners and opponents to the mat, all while staying safe in the process!

You'll spend the first part of the series mastering the Yoko Tomoe Nage(side circle throw), learning the basics, and then applying it to the butterfly guard and other passing postures. Flores will provide you with multiple set-ups and you'll even connect to some armbars so you can catch subs on the fly! Sumi Gaeishi (rear sacrifice throw) basics, set-ups, and variations will make up the later part of the series and you'll finish up with some phenomenal solo movement drills to develop that important muscle memory!

As you make your way through the series, you will quickly understand why Flores has been so successful over the course of his career, and with his guidance, understanding the sacrifice throw will become easier than ever! Don’t miss this opportunity to hone a very specific and efficient skillset brought to you by an elite judoka!

Cross Step Set Up

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Yoko Tomoe Nage (Side Circle Throw)
  • Introduction 
  • Throw Basics 
  • From the Butterfly Guard 
  • From one knee 

Part 2:

  • From the feet squatting 
  • From the feet standing 
  • Using Both Feet To Throw 
  • Pendulum Set Up
  • The Karate Kick Set Up

Part 3:

  • Cross Step Set Up
  • Troubleshooting Yoko Tomoe Nage 
  • Transitioning to the armbar 
  • Transitioning to armbar 2

Part 4:

  • Sumi Gaeshi (Rear Sacrifice Throw)
  • Throw Basics
  • From standing 
  • Leg Kick Set up 
  • Vs single leg 
  • Obi Tori Gaeshi 
  • Obi Tori Gaeshi Variation 
  • Solo Drills 
  • Shoulder Roll 
  • Tomoe Nage Shoulder Roll 
  • Sumi Gaeshi Shoulder Roll

Obi Tori Gaeshi

So, What Does It Cost?