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Scoring Ippons In Transition by Charline Van Snick


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Charline Van Snick

Professional Fighter

Control the ebb and flow of the match by winning the grip exchange. Understand the art of Kumi Kata (grip fighting) especially Charline’s cross grip approach.

  • Utilize off-beat attacks to catch your opponent mid-step!
  • Attack either side of your opponent with creative kuzushi that will get your opponent on the move.
  • Force a defensive response from your opponent to open up match ending armbars.
  • Learn to create transitions and keep your opponent off guard!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Presentation 0:44
Same Side - Cross Kumi Kata To Sumi Gaeshi 1:06
Sumi Gaeshi Details 4:16
Cross Kumi Kata To Hybrid Ogoshi 6:42
Cross Kumi Kata To Ippon Osoto 9:19
Cross Kumi Kata Transition To Shime Waza 14:40
Shime Waza Details 25:04
Shime Waza Details Following 29:17

Volume 2

Opposite Side - Kumi Kata On Opposite Side 0
Ouchi Gari On Opposite Side 6:50
Ouchi Gari From Hand To Hand 13:35
Hybrid Tsuri Kumi Goshi 19:09
Kumi Kata On Opposite Side To Juji Gatame 26:05
Juji Gatame Details 34:17
Juji Gatame From The Bottom 38:24

Volume 3

Leg Escape - Osae Komi 0
Shime Waza 8:57
Juji Gatame 13:07
Outro 18:21

Exploit moments of transition to secure the Ippon with Olympic Medalist Charline Van Snick!

Check Out The Trailer!

What Will You Learn?

Scoring Ippons In Transition is a 3-part series designed to give you a strategy to consistently keep your opponent off-guard. Charline Van Snick, Olympic Bronze Medalist and multiple time European Champion, gives you an inside look at her throws, kuzushi, and grip fighting sequences that she uses to create advantageous transitions. Learn to attack efficiently in a way that is hard to predict with Charline Van Snick!

Charline makes HEAVY use of the cross grip. This specific grip provides unique opportunities to get your opponent off-balance. Creating kuzushi is an essential skill if you hope to score Ippon. Scoring Ippons In Transition gives you the exact layout on how to generate kuzushi and where to be to capitalize on it.

This is the transition. In this moment your opponent cannot be fully prepared because YOU are in control of the action. Van Snick teaches you how to consistently create transitionary periods where your ability to land effective throws becomes possible. The cross grip that you learn early on will lend itself perfectly to landing Charline’s hybrid variations of Ogoshi and Tsurikomi Goshi. Once you start to master the art of attacking during the transition, you will find yourself scoring more often.

Another distinct advantage that you will be able to exploit is when your opponent goes ALL OUT on defense. Perhaps you have a more experienced practitioner that really digs in. This provides an opportunity to attack with Charline’s hard hitting Juji Gatame. By being able to switch gears from throws to submissions your opponent will always be guessing which to defend!

Sumi Gaeshi Details

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation 
  • Same Side 
  • Cross Kumi Kata To Sumi Gaeshi 
  • Sumi Gaeshi Details 
  • Cross Kumi Kata To Hybrid Ogoshi 
  • Cross Kumi Kata To Ippon Osoto 
  • Cross Kumi Kata Transition To Shime Waza 
  • Shime Waza Details 
  • Shime Waza Details Following

Part 2:

  • Opposite Side
  • Kumi Kata On Opposite Side 
  • Ouchi Gari On Opposite Side 
  • Ouchi Gari From Hand To Hand 
  • Hybrid Tsuri Kumi Goshi 
  • Kumi Kata On Opposite Side To Juji Gatame 
  • Juji Gatame Details 
  • Juji Gatame From The Bottom 

Part 3:

  • Leg Escape
  • Osae Komi 
  • Shime Waza 
  • Juji Gatame 
  • Outro 

Shime Waza

So, What Does It All Cost?