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Shin On Belly Guard by James Clingerman


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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James Clingerman

Professional Fighter

James Clingerman is one of the most respected jiu jitsu instructors in America. This long time competitor and Coach runs one of the largest BJJ and MMA academy’s in the Midwest.

  • Nearly 20 years ago, James overcame a near fatal shooting that left him partially deaf and nearly completely blind on one side. He has spent the better part of the last two decades creating his jiu jitsu systems and is here to share his latest with the Shin On Belly Guard.
  • After showing all of the fundamental principles of his Shin On Belly Guard system, James is going to show every possible sweep and attack option that your opponents will never see coming.
  • Once you realize how easy it is to customize the principles of the Shin On Belly Guard to your game, you will be amazed at how many new submissions you will add to your toolbox.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - :39
Intro to 4 leg positions :39 - 1:52
leg over shoulder 1:52 - 6:27
Spider 6:27 - 8:29
knee in bicep 8:29 - 10:25
Lasso 10:25 - 12:17
Intro to Entries 12:17 - 13:19
Escaping side control - Bottom knee first entries 13:19 - 16:40
Top knee first entries 16:40 - 19;24
Trapped Leg Entries 19:24 - 22:56
Entry from spider/Lasso 22:56 - 25:20

Volume 2

Intro to Follow Up Options 0 - :27
over shoulder to triangle :27 - 3:54
spider to Armbars & Triangle 3:54 - 8:39
shin to KOB Armbar 8:39 - 11:32
Lasso To bicep slicer & Omoplata Side control 11:32 - 16:41
Intro Failed Sweep Attacks 16:41 - 17:16
Leg over - to reverse triangle 17:16 - 21:21
reverse triangle arm attacks 21:21 - 24:56
add reverse triangle sweep 24:56 - 27:28
Spider - arm crush (3 positions) 27:28 - 30:48
expand on him rolling to his back w/ spinning armbar 30:48 - 33:34
back Sweep 33:34 - 36:55

Volume 3

Shin in Bicep - Kimura 0 - 2:54
“long range” Kimura 2:54 - 5:18
Omoplata 5:18 - 9:40
far side to Kimura trap 9:40 - 13:38
Lasso - Omoplata 1 (grab arm and pull) 13:38 - 17:11
Omoplata 2 (spin under) 17:11 - 20:23
Omoplata 3 (to the knees) 20:23 - 23:36

Volume 4

Late Stage Guard Attacks - Intro0 - :38
Leg over- reverse Triangle:38 - 3:09
Spider- Sweep3:09 - 5:04
Shin on Bicep- 2 triangles5;04 - 8:37
Lasso-Bicep Slicer8:37 - 11:08
Dealing w/ a Standing Opponent - Intro11:08 - 11:57
Leg over11:57 - 14:33
Leg over 214:33 - 16:34
spider16:34 - 18:59
shin in bicep18:59 - 20:25
lasso20:25 - 23:40
Closing23:40 - 24:16

Learn The Shin On Belly Guard By One Of The Most Respected Jiu Jitsu Instructors In America, James Clingerman!

Long Range Kimura:

What Will You Learn?

Not only is James Clingerman an extremely experienced BJJ competitor, he is also well-regarded as an expert on MMA training. In MMA, there’s no room for fluff. Techniques cannot be theoretical. They have to work, otherwise a competitor pays the price in the cage.

By taking that same approach to his instruction in the Shin On Belly Guard series, James is going to only show those reversals and submission attacks that are guaranteed to be effective. This series is going to not only change your entire approach to the guard game and keep your opponents guessing, but James Clingerman is also going to give you more weapons than you can ever hope to use.

So What's On This Series?

In the first volume of this four volume series, James Clingerman is going to give you all of the foundation principles for his Shin On Belly Guard and different entries and escapes that will set the position up, making it easy to adapt to your style and get you there quicker.

One the foundation is set, he wastes no time and gets right into the attack options that the Shin On Belly open up for us. Your training partners and opponents are going to be to busy trying to figure out what is happening and before they do, you will already have the one of these easy to set up submissions locked in.

In volumes 3 and 4, Clingerman continues to expand on the four basic leg positions of the Shin On Belly Guard and adding more sweeps to your game, while also making sure that you are always on the attack and offensively using the position to dominate the opponent.

So What Exactly Do You Get?

The Shin On Belly Guard is going to give you a brand-new perspective on your guard game. With several customizable approaches to James Clingerman’s approach, you are going to have endless attack options with new omoplatas, kimuras, arm bars and triangles, not to mention a whole menu of sweeps that no one will be able to stop.

So What Techniques Are On This Series?

Part 1:


Intro to 4 leg positions 

Leg over shoulder


Knee in bicep 


Intro to Entries 

Escaping Side Control

Bottom knee first entries 

Top knee first entries 

Trapped Leg Entries 

Entry from spider/Lasso

Part 2:

Intro to Follow Up Options 

Over shoulder to triangle 

Spider to Armbars & Triangle 

Shin to KOB Armbar 

Lasso To Bicep slicer & Omoplata Side control 

Intro Failed Sweep Attacks 

Leg over - to reverse triangle 

Reverse triangle arm attacks

Add reverse triangle sweep 


Arm crush (3 positions)

Expand on him rolling to his back w/ spinning armbar 

Back Sweep

Part 3:


Shin in Bicep 


“Long Range” Kimura 


Far side to Kimura trap 


Omoplata 1 (grab arm and pull) 

Omoplata 2 (spin under)

Omoplata 3 (to the knees)

Part 4:

Late Stage Guard Attacks 


Leg over- reverse Triangle

Spider- Sweep

Shin on Bicep- 2 triangles

Lasso-Bicep Slicer 

Dealing w/ a Standing Opponent


Leg over 

Leg over 2


Shin in bicep 



So What Does It All Cost?

James Clingerman is one of the most respected martial arts and BJJ coaches today. His instruction is second to none and the techniques are designed for every level of practitioner regardless of age or athleticism. If your guard game has been feeling stale lately, get a fresh perspective with the Shin On Belly Guard
We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that. Instead cut that price nearly 50% and get Shin on Belly Guard for just: