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Systematic Wrist Exchange Attacks by Johnni Dijulius


Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Johnni Dijulius

Professional Fighter

Attack IMMEDIATELY off of initial contact with Johnni DiJulius and his unique Wrist Exchange Attacks!

  • Harvard Wrestling Coach Johnni DiJulius, provides crystal clear instruction on how to systematically increase your attack options with the Wrist Exchange.
  • Your opponent will think they have control, only to find out that they are mistaken!
  • Avoid stalling by forcing the action with quick hitting techniques like the JDJ Special, one of Johnni’s unique tactics he honed as a Division-1 standout.
  • DiJulius also provides an in-depth look at defending the front headlock with progressions that will turn the tables on your opponent.
  • Develop non-stop attacks with Wrist Exchange Attacks!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Wrist exchange set ups 1:12
High crotch off wrist exchange 4:09
Fake high crotch to a single leg 7:29
Wrist exchange fake high crotch to a barrel roll 10:40
Wrist exchange fake to an ankle pick 14:06
Wrist exchange duck under 16:55
Shelving the leg Crack down 19:16
JDJ special 25:48

Volume 2

Crack down - Crack down low ankle 0
Crack down turning towards head 2:50
Front headlock defense - Lat throw 7:12
Low ankle progression on your feet 13:11
Low ankle progression on the mat 17:42
Low ankle progression on the mat option 1 22:35
Low ankle progression on the mat option 2 24:41
Low ankle progression on the mat option 3 27:26
Low ankle progression out the back door 30:28

Volume 3

Leg riding figure four 0
Turns from the figure four 9:12
Outro 20:47

Attack IMMEDIATELY off of initial contact with Johnni DiJulius and his unique Wrist Exchange Attacks!




What Will You Learn?

Johnni DiJulius was a standout for Ohio State where he earned over 100 victories. One key to victory for DiJulius was his gritty, high-octane approach. In his first instructional for Fanatic Wrestling, Johnni puts his teaching prowess on display. He teaches you how to develop more explosive takedowns by using his Wrist Exchanges that force the action and give you the upper hand!

Systematic Wrist Exchange Attacks is perfect for beginners who are looking to get a grasp of the action on the wrestling mat. Oftentimes for newer wrestlers it can feel as though there is nothing to hold on to and you can’t get any offense working. Systematic Wrist Exchange Attacks looks to FIX this problem!




Johnni’s wrist exchange approach gives the novice grappler a systematic approach to generating offense. This gives a consistent method of gaining control over an opponent allowing them a chance to attack with a variety of takedowns. On the flipside crafty vets can exploit the Wrist Exchange approach to set up high-octane High-C’s and DIRTY Duck Unders!

By using the Wrist Exchange approach you can ensure that you can consistently find entries into effective takedowns like the single leg, high-c, ankle picks and MORE! Your opponent can’t ignore your grips so they either will try to break the grip OR they will grip you back. This is the Wrist Exchange that Johnni systematically breaks down for you to use in your game, regardless of experience level!




On top of the insane amounts of offense you’ll generate with Systematic Wrist Exchange Attacks, DiJulius covers a progression-based defensive system to shut down the front headlock. You will have multiple options to turn the tables on the opposition, thanks to Johnni’s low ankle progressions.

This instructional looks to give you a comprehensive game plan on generating action, and avoiding stalemates. Replicate Johnni’s explosive style with easy to follow Wrist Exchange Attacks!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Wrist Exchange Set Ups
  • High Crotch Off Wrist Exchange
  • Fake High Crotch to a Single Leg
  • Wrist Exchange Fake High Crotch to a Barrel Roll
  • Wrist Exchange Fake To An Ankle Pick
  • Wrist Exchange Duck Under
  • Shelving The Leg Crack Down
  • JDJ Special

Part 2:

  • Crack Down
  • Crack Down Low Ankle
  • Crack Down Turning Towards Head
  • Front Headlock Defense
  • Lat Throw
  • Low Ankle Progression On The Mat Option 1
  • Low Ankle Progression On The Mat Option 2
  • Low Ankle Progression On The Mat Option 3
  • Low Ankle Progression Out The Back Door

Part 3

  • Leg Riding Figure Four
  • Turns From The Figure Four
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?