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Tactical Leg Ride Defense by Matt McDonough


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Matt McDonough

Professional Fighter

2-Time NCAA Champion Matt McDonough Shares His Battle-Tested Defensive Tactics Against The Most Commonly Used Leg Rides In Wrestling!

  • Learn preventative measures to avoid leg rides all together with a wide range of tactics that make throwing in legs extremely difficult.
  • Develop consistent escape routes against a variety of leg riding situations.
  • Cover worst case scenarios and utilize Matt’s techniques to get back to your feet, or secure a reversal.
  • Take your bottom wrestling skills to an all new level with a complete system on how to defend leg rides!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Positional Concepts and Strategies to Protect from Leg Riding 1:33
Leg Ride Prevention. Elbow Blocking 8:10
Knees Together 12:37
Throwing Ankles Off 15:55
Mule Kicks 20:46

Volume 2

Legs in on the Knees. Sit Out Defense 0
Leg In Changeover Defense 7:00
Attacking Crossed Ankles 12:19
Tripod Swim 20:05

Volume 3

Power Stand Up from Legs in 0
Leg in Defense from the Belly 8:24
Clearing Two Legs in 14:31
Hip Down from the Belly 21:50
Outro 26:55

2-Time NCAA Champion Matt McDonough Shares His Battle-Tested Defensive Tactics Against The Most Commonly Used Leg Rides In Wrestling!



What Will You Learn?

Leg Rides are one of the most difficult situations to encounter when wrestling from the bottom. Matt McDonough sets out to provide a clear-cut strategy on how to effectively prevent, counter, and reverse multiple phases of leg rides. Conquer one of the most avoided positions in wrestling by using McDonough’s tactical system that puts you back in control of the action from the bottom.

Beat Your Opponent To The Punch With These Escapes




The old cliche “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially applicable in the case of leg rides. The series breaks down how to deploy preventative measures that make throwing in legs more difficult, and easier to escape. By mastering this early phase of leg ride defense you can avoid getting stuck in deeper leg rides. BUT if you do, Matt has you covered with next-level tactics to get you out of danger.

Escape From Common Wrestling Holds With Technique




The reality is you are likely to encounter an opponent who prefers to utilize leg rides. Matt teaches several easy-to-follow concepts and escapes that anyone can add to their leg ride escape plan. Tactics like the sit out defense will help you get out from under your opponent and unravel their legs. Also you’ll know exactly what to do when your opponent has two legs in and crosses their ankles, and much more in this masterclass on leg riding defense!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

    • Intro
    • Positional Concepts And Strategies To Protect From Leg Riding
    • Leg Ride Prevention
    • Elbow Blocking 
    • Knees Together
    • Throwing Ankles Off
    • Mule Kicks

    Part 2:

    • Legs In On The Knees
    • Sit Out Defense
    • Leg In Change Over Defense
    • Attacking Crossed Ankles 
    • Tripod Swim

        Part 3

        • Power Stand Up From Legs In 
        • Leg In Defense From The Belly
        • Clearing Two Legs In
        • Hip Down From The Belly
        • Outro

        So, What Does It Cost?