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Tai Otoshi by Andy Hung


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Andy Hung

Professional Fighter

Sensei Andy Hung Teaches A Comprehensive On Judo’s Most Devastating Technique

  • Take the mystery out of one of the most difficult judo throws out there, the Tai Otoshi.
  • Let this series from Andy Hung guide you to mastery of this tricky hand technique.
  • Find out why this is such a powerful throw with barely any contact to your opponent.
  • Improve your timing and ability to create Kuzushi with Andy Hung’s unique approach to Uchikomi.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - :36
Uchikomi Classic :36 - 8:18
Moving Uchikomi Classic 8:18 - 13:58
Moving Uchikomi Oppostite direction 13:58 - 19:51
Classic Nagekomi 19:51 - 25:30
Classic Forward 25:30 - 30:16
Classic Back 30:16 - 34:38
Classic vs Right 34:38 - 39:52
Classic vs Left 39;52 - 45:41

Volume 2

Ouchi to Classic 0 - 5:25
Kouchi to Classic 5:25 - 10:57
De Ashi to Classic 10:57 - 15:48
Hiza Guruma to Classic 15:48 - 21:09
Break Lapel to Classic 21:09 - 27:45
Double Stab 27:45 - 35:59

Volume 3

TAI OTOSHI VARIANTS - Sleeve Break to 1 Hand 0 - 14:40
Seoi Toshi 14:40 - 22:38
Cross Grip Tai Otoshi 22:38 - 27:19
Tai Otoshi to Juji Gatame 27:19 - 33:24

Volume 4

Tai Otoshi to Osaekomi (Kesa, Yoko, Tate, Kami) 0 - 7:15
Tai Otoshi to Rolling Bow and Arrow 7:15 - 16:51
Tai Otoshi to Kimura Tie Off 16:51 - 27:57
Tai Otoshi to Clock Choke 27:57 - 36:45
Closing 36:45 - 37:38

What Will You Learn?

The Tai Otoshi is considered to be one of the most difficult throws to learn.  It’s not one of those techniques you can just muscle and lift your opponent and make it look good.  Andy Hung will breakdown all of the crucial, easy to miss details that will improve your body positioning, your grips and your rotation.  With his approach, you will quickly be able to maximize the throw with almost no effort.

So What’s on this series?

Break your opponents down with all of these unique variations and setups.  Filled with Uchikomi and other tricks to get the reps and reinforce the skills, this series has it all.  Most importantly Andy doesn’t leave you hanging after the throw. You will FINISH the fight with the best submissions like the kimura, clock choke and juji gatame. To just name a few!

So what exactly do you get?


  • Intro
  • Uchikomi Classic
  • Moving Uchikomi Classic
  • Moving Uchikomi Opposite Direction
  • Classing Nagekomi
  • Classic Forward
  • Classic Back
  • Classic Right
  • Classic Vs Right
  • Classic Vs Left


  • Ouchi to Classic
  • Kouchi to Classic
  • De Ashi to Classic
  • Hize Guruma to Classic
  • Break Lapel to Classic
  • Double Stab


  • Sleeve Break to 1 Hand
  • Seoi Toshi
  • Cross Grip tai Otoshi
  • Tai Otoshi to Juji Gatame


  • Tai Otoshi to Osaekomi (Kesa, Yoko, Tate, Kami)
  • Tai Otoshi to Rolling Bow and Arrow
  • Tai Otoshi to Kimura Tie Off
  • Tai Otoshi to Clock Choke
  • Closing

So What Does It Cost?

Master the Tai Otoshi with this first of its kind resource from Olympic alternate Andy Hung.  Solve the mystery of this powerful hand throw and surprise your opponents and training partners with a quick trip into the mats.

We could have easily charged $147 for Tai Otoshi from Andy Hung, but for only $77 you can drop them to the ground with ease.