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Takedown to Breakdown by Ethan Lizak


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Ethan Lizak

Professional Fighter

Takedown to Breakdown: How to Shoot And Score In Folkstyle Wrestling

  • National Finalist & 2-time PA State Champ Ethan Lizak shows the takedowns and counters he used at the highest levels
  • Shows how to shoot and score with efficiency
  • End every takedown in position to start turning, scoring big points together
  • Effective for wrestlers of all levels and ages

Course Content

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Volume 1

High Crotch to Crotch Lock 0 - 3:06
Single Leg to Cradle 3:06 - 6:20
Quarter Nelson 6:20 - 9:37
Low Single to Ball and Chain 9:37 - 12:21
Backdoor Body Lock Reversal 12:21 - 15:42
Low ankle shot kick away 15:42 - 17:47
Single Leg to Far Ankle Takedown 17:47 - 21:35
High Single to Leg Pass 21:35 - 24:11
Single Leg to Drag 24:11 - 28:24

Volume 2

Baseball Bat Series 0 - 5:21
Wrist roll to single 5:21 - 8:42
Wrist roll Drag to single 8:42 - 12:31
Tap Fake to Single 12:31 - 16:04
Russian Tie Series 16:04 - 22:35
Underhook to Leg Hook 22:35 - 25:54
Underhook to Snapdown 25:54 - 30;01

Take people down into dominant position with maximum efficiency and effective technique

Shoot, score, and scramble to win with All-American and Pennsylvania state champion Ethan Lizak’s guide to folkstyle takedowns

Learn the unique takedown style that Ethan Lizak used at the highest levels of folkstyle wrestling, including the takedowns that won him Pennsylvania state titles and NCAA All-American honors. Ethan might be known for his legendary top wrestling, but he was able to take down some of the NCAA’s best, and now he teaches those techniques across two packed volumes. With effective combos and chain wrestling sequences that are a must at the highest levels, you can begin attacking the takedown in new ways immediately.

Ethan Lizak grew up wrestling in some of the toughest areas in the nation, including District 11 of Pennsylvania and then for four years at the University of Minnesota. Through his career, he’s picked up some of the most effective attacks in wrestling, learning how to get his opponents to the mat and broken down so he can start working for the fall. Now, those important details can be yours as Lizak shows his best moves in ways that anyone can do.

Shoot and score with some of the simplest but best setups in wrestling, from strong control ties that Lizak uses often. With high crotches, single legs, and low singles, you can constantly be shooting to strong positions. Still, against the best in folkstyle, scrambling is going to happen often, so learn how Ethan initiates, defends, and wins scrambles so he can get takedowns and keep control.

Work from the feet right to dominant top position with Ethan Lizak’s two-volume series Takedown to Breakdown. From collar ties, russian ties, baseball ties, and more, move your opponent around and secure your points for taking them down with maximum efficiency. Ethan shows how to attack both sides of the body, while mixing in fundamental offense like arm drags and snap downs for a dynamic and effective takedown system.

So What's On This Series?

Volume 1

  • High Crotch to Crotch Lock
  • Single Leg to Cradle
  • Quarter Nelson
  • Low Single to Ball and Chain
  • Backdoor Body Lock Reversal
  • Low Ankle Shot Kick Away
  • Single Leg to Far Ankle Takedown
  • High Single to Leg Pass
  • Single Leg to Drag

Volume 2

  • Baseball Bat Series
  • Wrist Roll to Single
  • Wrist Roll Drag to Single
  • Tap Fake to Single
  • Russian Tie Series
  • Underhook to Leg Hook
  • Underhook to Snapdown

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