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The 2 on 1 Closed Guard System & Beyond by Aaron Benzrihem


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Aaron Benzrihem

Professional Fighter

Learn a Simple and Realistic Approach to One Of The Most Popular Positions In BJJ, The Closed Guard - Over 3 Hours Of Content Across 5 Volumes 

  • Closed Guard Is Easy To Implement And Works Well In Gi And No Gi - It Is One Of The Most Dynamic Positions In BJJ And One Of The Best To SUBMIT People From
  • With over 3 hours of segmented and sequential content across 5 volumes, this easy to implement instructional series will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to start attacking from Closed Guard today in GI & NO GI
  • Aaron starts with the control and basics of the position, he lays out a REALISTIC approach to attacking from closed guard
  • On this instructional you will find a COMPLETE road map that is laid out. Aaron is going to start by devoting the whole first volume to basics of control, concepts, movement, mobility and mechanics. This will lay the foundation so you are able to immediately implement
  • Aaron has a rapidly growing YouTube audience and he is Bernardo Faria's first black belt. 

Course Content

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Volume 1

Understanding the 2 on 1. Introduction 0
Why 2 on 1 0:58
2 on 1 variations - concept of controlling one half of the body 3:56
Gi vs no gi 6:10
Basics and control of the position 7:55
What we will be learning 15:04

Volume 2

Kneeling opponents. Introduction 0
Our fundamental attack 0:33
Taking the back variation #1 - hip escape/drag 7:17
Taking the back variation #2 - turtled strong opponent 11:03
Taking the back variation #3 - back triangle 16:12
Flower sweep when opponent defends the back 19:23
Arm bars from flower sweep - 3 variations 25:01
Triangle choke from flower sweep 31:49
Kimura from flower sweep position 38:55
Omoplata from flower sweep position 42:26
Inverted arm lock from flower sweep position 47:03
Elevator sweep with arm across 50:44
Knee push sweep with arm across 55:11
Butterfly back take with arm across (Mg style) 58:17
Arm drag when they back out 1:00:54
Butterfly attacks when they back out 1:06:11

Volume 3

Standing opponents. Introduction 0
Standing as a reaction to the grip 1:05
Using feet on the hips as a bridge to open guard 2:53
Triangle from feet on the hips 4:49
Arm lock from feet on hips 7:58
Omoplata from feet on hips 12:36
Using 2 on 1 to sit up 15:15
Sitting up to dummy sweeps 17:36
Sitting up to shin to shin 20:26
Sitting up to single leg/double leg 26:12
Tripod sweep 29:55
2 on 1 back take (Mg style) 31:48

Volume 4

Entries. Introduction 0
Entry from knees - kicking knee 0:44
Entry from knees, feet on hips 3:29
Entry from knees butterfly hooks 7:51
Pulling guard with the 2 on 1 standing applications 10:27

Volume 5

Conclusion/review. Introduction 0
Review of concepts & techniques 1:29
Plan of application / implementation 11:26
What should you expect / progression 14:49
Closing thoughts 16:56

Learn a Simple and Realistic Approach to One Of The Most Popular Positions In BJJ, The Closed Guard - Over 3 Hours Of Content Across 5 Volumes 

EVERYTHING you need to know to start attacking from Closed Guard in GI & NO GI

Closed Guard Trailer With Aaron Benzrihem

What Will You Learn?



The closed guard is one of the first positions we are taught in bjj and one of the last we start to master. While traditionally we are taught so many different techniques from the closed guard, they are often taught scattered lacking a systematic approach. This is what causes people to lose their path and become "scatter brained" closed guard players. 

Aaron has simplified the closed guard by giving you things one goal at a time with a REALISTIC system that is EASY to use. Even if the specific techniques don't work right from the get go, your guard WILL BE MORE DANGEROUS. 



Aaron noticed that most white, blue and even higher belts struggle with sweeping, taking the back and submitting from the closed guard because the lack of a systematic approach. He also noticed that many people have their guard passed when an opponent stands in the closed guard and breaks the guard. That is why this series is devoted to putting a guard in place that works beyond closed guard.

His 2 on 1 system is based on proven concepts that WORK well beyond closed guard and he demonstrates how you can bridge the closed guard with many other positions. There are so many things about closed guard out there but Aaron is a world renowned instructor and known for his simplification and ability to translate information. 


Dealing With Standing Opponent - Intro:

Aaron Benzrihem is a Marcelo Garcia Brown Belt and Bernardo Faria's first black belt -  he is an Instructor/avid competitor from The Bernardo Faria Academy in Bedford, MA.  With multiple IBJJF medals and Fight To Win victories as well as dozens of local tournament medals and open class medals where he frequently competes and wins as a Light Feather (137.0 lbs). 

He is also an up and comping YouTube instructor with tnearly 10,000 subscribers and almost a million views.  Aaron is growing because of his incredible way of breaking down a technique.  Many people consider him one of the most sought after instructors. Here is what some people are saying about his teaching. 


So What Exactly Do You Get?

    So What Does It All Cost? 

    Well, that depends, what is it worth to learn a unique position like the half butterfly and have a roadmap for implementation?  With OVER 4 HOURS OF CONTENT ACROSS 6 VOLUMES!

    We could have easily charged $147, but we're not going to do that, instead, cut that price by almost 50%.. That's right get this series for just: