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The 2 on 1 Encyclopedia by Georgi Ivanov


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Georgi Ivanov

Professional Fighter

Perfect The 2-on-1 Attack, With Bulgarian Olympian Georgi Ivanov. This Move Gives You An Unfair Advantage You Can't Afford to Miss

  • Olympian and PAC-12 Champion Georgi Ivanov shows one of the most extensive and complete 2-on-1 series EVER!
  • Finish in dozens of ways for big throws and shots that are effective and efficient. These are the same moves that worked at the world and Olympic level.
  • The 2-on-1 is one of the strongest tie ups in all of wrestling, learn how to dominate every match from this position
  • Perfect for wrestlers of any age of level

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - :25
Entry to signature two on one :25 - 3:11
Climbing up the arm 3:11 - 5:06
Near side arm drag 5:06 - 7:26
Takedowns from near side arm drag 7:26 - 11:49
Head to chest fireman 11:49 - 14:32
Fireman’s carry 14:32 - 16:53
Matrix fireman’s 16:53 - 19:33
Straight jacket throws 19:33 - 26:20
Near leg inside trip 26:20 - 30:04
Head pinch throw 30:04 - 33:22

Volume 2

Head and arm finishing combos 0 - 5:47
Sinking backtrip 5:47 - 9:01
Standing Gator roll 9:01 - 11:13
Pinched elbow Lateral drop 11:13 - 14:43
Key lock snap 14:43 - 18:44
Foot prop ankle pick 18:44 - 22:56
Climbing The Arm 22:56 - 24:46
Far side high crotch 24:46 - 28:42
Standing outside turk 28:42 - 32:09
The Ultimate Finish 32:09 - 36:36
The Ultimate Stack 36:36 - 41:16

Volume 3

Champions Head Pinch 0 - 4:37
The backbreaker 4:37 - 7:39
The nightmare 7:39 - 11:21
Reverse arm throw 11:21 - 13:53
Wrestlers O Soto Gari 13:53 - 18:20
The Unknown Double 18:20 - 21:24
Making Them Pay 21:24 - 24:24
Rolling Thunder 23:24 - 26:59
Snatch Single to Knee Block 26:59 - 29:50

Volume 4

Invisible Ankle Pick 0 - 2:44
Closing The Gap 2:44 - 6:43
Defense Osoto Gari 6:43 - 9:33
Table Top Sweep 9:33 - 12:39
Defensive Ankle Pick 12:39 - 16:08
Defensive Duck Under 16:08 - 18:52
Defense to Offense 18:52 - 21:04
Defense Back Trip 21:04 - 23:16
Defense Arm Throw 23:16 - 24:58
Defense Headlock Throw 24:58 - 27:39
2 on 1 drill 27:39 - 30:33
Closing Message 30:33 - 31:52

Perfect The 2 On 1 Attack - With Bulgarian Olympian Georgi Ivanov - This Move Literally Gives You An Unfair Advantage That You Can’t Afford To Miss

See How Olympian Georgi Ivanov Hits One Of The Most Innovative Fireman's Carries Ever

Learn one of the most complete and effective takedown attacks with Olympian Georgi Ivanov’s 2-on-1 Encyclopedia. This four-volume collection of takedowns, counters, throws, and combinations all from the 2-on-1 tie will give you a gameplan and series around how to dominate from the feet and score tons of takedowns. Georgi Ivanov has been studying this position for years, mastering all the little details and most effective attacks so he can now pass that along to you. Watch now, follow along with Georgi’s personal step-by-step flowchart and learn the solution to your wrestling troubles with Olympic-caliber technique.












The 2-on-1 tie is one of the strongest positions in all of wrestling if you know how to use it! Across this new instructional release, you will learn how to get to the 2-on-1, how to move and control with it, how to use it for attacks (ranging from basic to elite), and even how to defend the 2-on-1 so your own position can’t be used against you. This is a series full of those little details that will bring you huge results, and the battle-tested leg attacks, huge throws, and sneaky combos you need for the tough matches.










Whether it’s in folkstyle, freestyle, or even a grappling match, having a position to dominate from puts you in control of the takedown. The 2-on-1, in all its forms, is one of the best control ties, because of the way you can move someone and the safety that it offers. Even at international competitions, the 2-on-1 is one of the most common and best ways to win, dating all the way back to the USSR’s use of the tie up! Now, learn from 2016 Bulgarian Olympian and NCAA Division-1 wrestler Georgi Ivanov, one of the masters of the 2-on-1, a hold that he used to take himself to the highest levels of sports.

Get Big Points With This Super Effective Lat Drop!

Georgi Ivanov has had an incredible career and offers valuable insights that very few can. After growing up in Bulgaria and learning the European-style (including the beginnings of the 2-on-1 series he shows here), Georgi came to America to attend college and wrestle D1 for Boise State (where he won a conference championship and was named Pac 12’s Oustanding Wrestler) before he returned to represent Bulgaria at the World Championships and Olympic Games. Georgi has wrestled every style, against everyone, and he brings this world-class experience with him as he shows you what made him one of the best in the world.

This Reverse Arm Throw Works At Every Level of the Sport

So What’s On This Series

  • This series is packed with moves, from the basic attacks that any wrestler can do, all the way up to the most advanced and impressive takedowns in Georgi’s arsenal. This series comes with a plan, a sequence and blueprint on which move to use all based on your opponent’s reactions. Be sure to follow along on the graphic flowchart provided on the cover so you can start to build your game around this incredibly strong position.
  • Learn the right way to get to a 2-on-1 and how to totally dominate from here with Georgi’s important instruction around how he moves everyone around the mat with this control tie. With step-by-step instructions, points to remember and reinforce, and drills that will help you learn, you can be using the 2-on-1 for serious offense in no time.
  • With the right control tie, get ready to set up some of the most powerful takedowns in all of wrestling. Georgi goes deep into his knowledge, sharing dozens of takedowns. From fundamental arm drags and go behinds, to slick leg attacks with simple finishes, to big feet-to-back moves that can give anyone that big move potental, Georgi has an answer here for every situation.
  • Learn not only offense but how to wrestle defensively out of a 2-on-1, from one of the masters of its application. With the same attention to detail, learn how to clear out of danger and get in on your own winning attacks. Never lose the 2-on-1 battle again with this Olympian’s help.

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