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The Arm-In Guillotine Choke by Ricardo Almeida


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Ricardo Almeida

Professional Fighter

Master One Of The Most Effective And Versatile Submissions In ALL Of Fighting, The Arm-In Guillotine, With MMA Pioneer and BJJ Black Belt Ricardo Almeida!

  • World Class Coach And BJJ Black Belt Ricardo Almeida shares his favorite set ups, variations, sweeps and finishes from the Arm-In Guillotine.
  • Cover essential concepts of the Arm-In Guillotine that range from beginner to advanced applications.
  • Understand when to go all-in on the Guillotine and when to use it to get top position!
  • Defend deep takedown attempts with Ricardo’s insider tips on fighting off the takedown with the Arm-In Guillotine.
  • As an added bonus Ricardo teaches his most effective DEFENSIVE strategies to help you defeat the Guillotine!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Chapter 1 - Intro 0:00 - 03:23
Chapter 2 - History of Arm in Guillotine 03:23 - 06:30
Chapter 3 - Versatility of Arm in Guillotine 06:30 - 08:21
Chapter 4 - Gi vs Nogi 08:21 - 11:39
Chapter 5 - When to Guillotine 11:39 - 14:48
Chapter 6 - Teaching Methodologies 14:48 - 18:22
Chapter 7 - Base Camping 18:22

Volume 2

Chapter 1 - Standing Guillotine Breakdown 0:00 - 08:48
Chapter 2 - Jumping Guillotine 08:48 - 14:52
Chapter 3 - Half Guard Scoop Guillotine 14:52 - 20:49
Chapter 4 - Far Butterfly Hook Guillotine 20:49 - 27:04
Chapter 5 - Far Butterfly Hook Guillotine 27:04 - 31:49
Chapter 6 - Side Sacrifice Throw to Far Butterfly Hook Guillotine 31:49 - 35:56
Chapter 7 - Snap Down to backtake 35:56

Volume 3

Chapter 1 - DEFENSIVE APPLICATION. Basic Guillotine Defense 0:00 - 06:15
Chapter 2 - Beat the Legs (don’t fight the hands) 06:15 - 09:54
Chapter 3 - Standing Guillotine Defense Introduction 09:54 - 16:49
Chapter 4 - Head Outside Single Leg/Beat the Legs 16:49 - 18:56
Chapter 5 - Single Head Outside-head inside shot 18:56 - 21:49
Chapter 6 - Jumping Guillotine Defense 21:49 - 28:30
Chapter 7 - High Elbow Guillotine Escape 28:30 - 33:14
Chapter 8 - Failed Attempt Follow Up Options 33:14

Volume 4

Chapter 1 - Butterfly Hook Reversal 0:00 - 04:19
Chapter 2 - Knee Block 04:19 - 06:28
Chapter 3 - Sweep to Far Hip Guillotine 06:28 - 10:50
Chapter 4 - Gator Roll 10:50 - 15:41
Chapter 5 - Shaolin Sweep 15:41 - 18:57
Chapter 6 - Hip Heist when Opponent beat the legs 18:57 - 24:41
Chapter 7 - Chin Whip 24:41 - 29:52
Chapter 8 - Omoplata 29:52 - 36:50
Chapter 9 - Closing 36:50

The Arm-In Guillotine is one of the most versatile attacks, that ANYONE can do!

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What Will You Learn?

Ricardo Almeida is a Legend in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! In his career he has competed against the best competition in both BJJ and MMA. Ricardo has fought all across the globe in top-tier organizations like PRIDE, UFC, and ADCC! The Arm-In Guillotine Choke is a 4-part series where Ricardo shares his favorite and most effective strategies using the Arm-In Guillotine, including slick variations he has used to finish some of his toughest competition. 

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The Guillotine choke is a classic maneuver that even inexperienced grapplers can apply very early in their career. This makes it a powerful move for beginners. That said, many athletes ignore the intricacies that makes the Guillotine inescapable! The classic Guillotine is a great way to finish but lacks the control of the Arm-In Guillotine where you control more of your opponent’s body. This slight adjustment can make your Guillotine game much more effective and allow you more options of attack, this is where The Arm-In Guillotine Choke comes in!

Ricardo teaches you how to successfully apply the Arm-In variation of the Guillotine with a sniper like precision. If you have ever done a traditional Guillotine you know that it has to be DEEP otherwise your opponent's head will slip out. Almeida teaches you to lock on the Arm-In Guillotine from a multitude of positions that will help you keep control over your opponent. Once you have the Arm-In Guillotine locked on you leave your opponent very little options of escape, and IF they are able to you will have further options of attack including sweeps to the top position.


Use This Snap Down To Take The Back!



The Arm-In Guillotine Choke is the perfect series for ANY grappler looking to become more effective with a submission system that doesn’t require extreme strength or athleticism. Ricardo covers effortless setups that shut down your opponent’s game while allowing your’s to flourish! Check out the complete technique list below!

So What’s On This Series?

Part 1:


History Of Arm-in Guillotine

Gi Vs NoGi

When To Guillotine

Teaching Methodologies

Base Camping


Part 2:

Standing Guillotine Breakdown

Jumping Guillotine

Half Guard Scoop Guillotine

Far Butterfly Hook Guillotine

Sacrifice Throw To Mounted Guillotine

Side Sacrifice Throw To Far Butterfly Hook Guillotine

Snap Down To Backtake


Part 3:

Defensive Application

Basic Guillotine Defense

Beat The Legs (Don't Fight The Hands)

Standing Guillotine Defense Introduction

Head Outside Head Inside Shot

Jumping Guillotine Defense

High Elbow Guillotine Escape

Failed Attempt Follow Up Options


Part 4: 

Butterfly Hook Reversal

Knee Block

Sweep To Far Hip Guillotine

Gator Roll

Shaolin Sweep

Hip Heist When Opponent Beat The Legs

Chin Whip




So What Does It Cost?