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The Armbar Blueprint by Logan Stieber


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Logan Stieber

Professional Fighter

Turn And Pin From Top With The Best Armbar Series Ever, With 4-Time NCAA And World Champion Logan Stieber

  • In a blockbuster new 2-volume set, get all the inside tricks, tips, and techniques on the armbar series that Logan Stieber has down to a science
  • Logan Stieber is the owner of one of the best NCAA careers of all-time
  • Get every move you need and the strategy around how to bring it all together with a folkstyle legend and freestyle World Champion, Logan Stieber of Ohio State
  • Learn to attack and defend takedowns like you never thought possible
  • It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced wrestler, a newcomer to the sport, or a coach trying to find new ways to challenge his team

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - :44
Scarecrow drill :44 - 3:07
Head inside single/Football snap 3:07 - 5:28
Head inside single Back Trip 5:28 - 8:53
Head inside single front trip 8:53 - 12:20
Head inside single Tomahawk trip 12:20 - 15:12
Head inside single Chase the Ankle 15:12 - 19:10
Head inside single close wizzer offense 19:10 - 23:21
Head Inside Single extended finish 23:21 - 26:32
Head Inside Single drive up finish 26:32 - 29:21
Head Inside Single Cutback 29:21 - 32:44
Head Inside Single close wizzer regrab 32:44 - 36:26
Head Inside Single knee slide come to your feet 36:26 - 40:11

Volume 2

Cross wrist setups 0 - 4:56
Cross wrist to low single 4:56 - 8:16
Cross wrist wrist snapdown 8:16 - 11:26
Inside tie drape head inside single setup 11:26 - 14:09
Inside tie drape low double leg 14:09 - 16:37
Overtie low double leg 16:37 - 19:17
Overtie slideby 19:17 - 23:34


So What Exactly Is On This Series:

Part 1:


Head Lever to arm bar breakdown

Arm bar with wrist

Arm Bar with half

Near wrist roll under arm bar

Stieber tilt

Helicopter arm bar

Arm bar shoulder cup

Reinforced arm bar tilt


Part 2:

Leg in arm bar from base

Leg in breakdown to arm bar

Figure four to arm bar

Stieber roll

Thread the needle toll through tilt

Claw wrist titl

Claw wrist roll