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The Askren Underhook Blueprint by Ben Askren


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Ben Askren

Professional Fighter
Master Some of The Most Effective Underhook Strategies in All Of Wrestling With 2-Time NCAA Champion & Olympian Ben Askren
  • Ben Askren is one of the most accomplished grapplers on the planet with some of the highest honors in wrestling to his credit and veteran MMA status as a former fighter in the UFC, Bellator, and ONE
  • Askren breaks down the key details of effective underhook, overhook, and seatbelt strategies in this specialized series dedicated to winning the upper body battle
  • Salvage failed takedowns, develop an understanding of superior positioning, defend the underhook, and score more frequently with world-class instruction and technique proven at the highest levels of grappling

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Getting into the Underhook 0:41
Trail Leg Underhook 5:16
Lead Leg Underhook 11:56

Volume 2

Seatbelt Position 0
Seatbelt on the Feet 15:21
Freestyle Seatbelt 27:37
Overhook 35:57
Freestyle Overhook 40:48
Outro 42:47

Explore Championship Level Blueprints For Techniques That Askren Feels Are Pivotal To Wrestling Success


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What Will You Learn?

Learn 3 of Ben Askren's most high percentage skill sets in one specialized instructional! Ben Askren is a 2-Time NCAA Champion, 2-Time Hodge Trophy Winner, and one of wrestling's most accomplished MMA Fighters with experience at the highest levels of combat in the UFC, Bellator, and ONE! With The Askren Underhook Blueprint, you’ll get the world-class instruction you’ve come to know from one of grappling's most recognized figures on what Askren feels are some of the most pivotal strategies to winning the upper body battle! 

Salvage failed takedowns, positionally dominate your opponents, and defend with better technique using three of Askren’s most relied upon skillsets. You’ll learn how Askren uses the underhook to out position high-level wrestlers. His seatbelt strategy to clean up after a stuffed single leg attempt, and how he calls up the overhook to create offensive opportunities and defend the underhook game of the opposing party!  All with championship-level detail and instruction from one of today's leading authorities on high-level wrestling! 

Score more points, remain offensive, and defend attacks with these important strategies and techniques that will supercharge your ability to secure, maintain, and positionally dominate the upper body battle! These are some of Askren's favorite ways to control this important exchange that has already been proven at the highest levels of wrestling! Develop your new underhook blueprint with this rare opportunity to add dangerous new weapons to your arsenal! 

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