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The Aussie Formula: Kickboxing Fundamentals by John Wayne Parr


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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john wayne parr

Professional Fighter

Partner drills allow you to learn offensive and defensive skills at the same time.

  • Learn to be a more complete striker with Parr’s quick-hitting combos and dynamic drills that make rapid improvement possible.
  • Build striking-specific strength with JWP’s brutal bodyweight exercise workout.
  • Use Parr’s tricky wrist pull combinations, your opponent won’t see what hit them!
  • Discover Parr’s training routine, drills, and SKILLS!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Stance Fundamentals 0:48
The Straight Right 6:19
Right Straight, Left Hook 8:27
Right Straight, Lead Uppercut 10:56
Lead Jab, Rear Uppercut 13:39
Rear Thai Style Knees 15:12
Lead Thai Style Knees 17:31
Power Round Kicks 19:47
Power Lead Kicks 21:54
Partner Knee Drill 1 24:58
Partner Knee Drill 2 26:08
Elbow Fundamentals 27:02

Volume 2

Checking Kicks 0
Partner Parry Drill 3:51
Partner Check Drill 6:50
Partner Drill Holding The Check 11:19
Partner Drill Kick Combinations 14:29
Partner Drill Flowing Combinations 20:02
Partner Drill Body Sparring 22:08

Volume 3

Reverse Elbows 0
Wrist Pull Elbows 2:36
Double Wrist Pull Elbows 3:31
Uppercut Elbow 4:17
Power Drills Boxing 6:05
Power Drills 1-2 9:05
Power Drills Right Hand, Lead Hook 11:27
Power Drills Punching All Levels 16:16
Power Drills Body Punches 18:01
Power Drills Round Kicks 19:42
Power Drills Combination Round Kicks 25:28
Power Drills Long Right Knee 27:43
Power Drills Returning Fire 32:36

Volume 4

Teeping Drill 0
Cardio Drill 1:16
Pushups and Situps 2:48
Clapping Pushups 5:04
Puncher’s Pushups 6:03
Core Work 7:41
Diamond Pushups 9:13
Bag Work 10:05
Boxing Combos On The Bag 16:01
John Wayne Parr Update 21:32
Conclusion 23:37

10x Muay Thai World Champion John Wayne Parr lays out his techniques and strategies to become a more complete striker. The Aussie Formula is a 4-part masterclass on striking where you will learn basics, combinations, drills, and MORE!

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What Will You Learn?

John Wayne Parr is a legend in the world of striking. Whether it is Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, or MMA Parr has risen to the top of the competition with his non-stop aggressive approach. With a nickname like “The Gunslinger”, you can bet that when JWP steps into the ring he’s going to bring the action! But what makes John such a dynamic striker? The short answer is how he trains.

The Aussie Formula is a 4-part instructional where JWP lays out the essentials for ANY athlete looking to develop a more complete approach to striking. Parr covers the foundations of what helped him become one of the most entertaining fighters to ever step into the ring. By using his insider tips you’ll grasp how important stance and footwork are. This foundation is what JWP builds upon for the rest of the series.

The Australian Legend shares his best quick-hitting combinations, and how to drill them with a partner. Here is where you will understand the essential skills of striking with confidence, as well as defensive skills as your partner returns fire. This dynamic approach can rapidly reduce the learning curve for beginners, and hone a vet’s skills to a razor’s edge.

Endurance is an essential attribute one must build to reach their full potential as a fighter. Thankfully The Aussie Formula also includes a wicked stamina building circuit where JWP lays out his BEST exercises. This circuit is specifically designed to translate to in the ring performance. You’ll be able to punch, elbow, knee, and kick far beyond the final bell!

Diamond Push Ups

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Stance Fundamentals 
  • The Straight Right 
  • Right Straight, Left Hook
  • Right Straight, Lead Uppercut 
  • Lead Jab, Rear Uppercut 
  • Rear Thai Style Knees 
  • Lead Thai Style Knees 
  • Power Round Kicks 
  • Power Lead Kicks 
  • Partner Knee Drill 1 
  • Partner Knee Drill 2 
  • Elbow Fundamentals 

Part 2:

  • Checking Kicks 
  • Partner Parry Drill 
  • Partner Check Drill 
  • Partner Drill Holding The Check 
  • Partner Drill Kick Combinations 
  • Partner Drill Flowing Combinations 
  • Partner Drill Body Sparring 

Part 3:

  • Reverse Elbows
  • Wrist Pull Elbows 
  • Double Wrist Pull Elbows 
  • Uppercut Elbow
  • Power Drills Boxing 
  • Power Drills 1-2 
  • Power Drills Right Hand, Lead Hook
  • Power Drills Punching All Levels 
  • Power Drills Body Punches 
  • Power Drills Round Kicks
  • Power Drills Combination Round Kicks 
  • Power Drills Long Right Knee 
  • Power Drills Returning Fire 

Part 4:

  • Teeping Drill
  • Cardio Drill 
  • Pushups and Situps 
  • Clapping Pushups 
  • Puncher’s Pushups 
  • Core Work 
  • Diamond Pushups 
  • Bag Work 
  • Boxing Combos On The Bag 
  • John Wayne Parr Update 
  • Conclusion 

Partner Knee Drill 2

So, What Does It Cost?