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The Barbelt Guard by Lucas Barbosa


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lucas barbosa

Professional Fighter

Learn this easy-to-remember belt-grip guard developed by black belt world champion Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa

  • Sweep and attack with the bar-belt guard, an open guard variation that uses the belt itself to tighten and control an opponent’s movement
  • Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa is one of the toughest black belts on Earth, is an IBJJF world champion, and trains at Atos under Andre Galvao
  • Use powerful sweeps from guard, like the scissor sweep, X sweep, arm drag, and more, all supercharged with this effective guard control

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 0:38
Belt Gripping Concepts and Setting Up Barbelt Guard 0:38 - 8:03
Recovering From Barbelt Guard 8:03 - 14:42
Controlling Movement From Barbelt Guard 14:42 - 18:36
Controlling Pressure From Barbelt Guard 18:36 - 22:18
Setting up Barbelt guard from jumping closed guard 22:18 - 26:33

Volume 2

Pulling Barbelt Guard 0 - 1:30
Setting up Barbelt guard from pulling de la riva guard 1:30 - 4:27
Pulling Barbelt guard 2 4:27 - 7:03
Setting up Barbelt guard from double guard pull 7:03 - 9:38
Main Barbelt guard sweep 9:38 - 23:02

Volume 3

Barbelt arm drag 0 - 12:19
Barbelt guard single leg sweep 12:19 - 24:19
Barbelt guard modified x sweep 24:19 - 37:29
Barbelt guard modified spider sweep 37:29 - 41:43
Barbelt Scissor Sweep 41:43 - 45:09

Volume 4

Transition to X Guard 0 - 9:46
Barbelt Kiss of the Dragon Roll 9:46 - 22:29
Transition to 50/50 Guard 22:29 - 28:50
Blocking the berimbolo with belt control 28:50 - 36:27
Conclusion 36:27 - 34:51

Sweep Your Next Opponent With This Modern, Easy-To-Learn Belt Guard That Your Training Partners Have Never Seen Before

Learn The Tricky Belt Grip Guard That Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa Developed While Training With Some Of The Toughest Black Belts On Earth

Check Out The Trailer To This Series!

What Will You Learn?

Lucas Barbosa has developed one of the trickiest new guards we have seen in years, as he teaches his bar-belt guard for the first time ever on this 4-volume series. The Atos world champion explains why this unique belt control will help you create a stronger open guard than ever, using these hidden leverage points.

These competition-tested techniques and systems will help you get to the bar-belt guard, control the fight, and start sweeping opponents all over! By focusing your power on their belt and hips, you can set this guard up easily and move way bigger opponents. Hulk shows every step and trick you will need to use this guard your training partners have never seen before.

Instead of worrying about tons of grips to memorize, find easy entries into this belt control grip and start getting to work for attacks. Take your existing open guards like De La Riva, collar sleeve, and even the guard pull with these easy techniques that you’ll be able to actually remember. This can be an easy entry into the world of modern lapel guards, and this is a guard that not only keeps you safe but offers tons of effective options too.

“Hulk” is one of the prized pupils of Andre Galvao at Atos, and every day he is fighting against black belt world champions. It is there he developed this system to help him conserve energy and still find attacks, even when fighting against great opponents every round. The bar-belt guard is the answer, and he leaves no detail out from this 4-volume series.

Use what your opponent is already giving you and lock them up in this bar-belt guard in no-time. Launch powerful X-guard sweeps, drags, and more, all from the security of this knot. Learn this effective step-by-step system for defending and scoring from your back with this black belt world champion’s guide to his own style, the bar-belt guard.

Bar-belt Guard Modified Spider Sweep

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Belt Gripping Concepts and Setting Up Barbelt Guard 
  • Recovering From Barbelt Guard
  • Controlling Movement From Barbelt Guard 
  • Controlling Pressure From Barbelt Guard 
  • Setting up Barbelt guard from jumping closed guard 

Part 2:

  • Pulling Barbelt Guard
  • Setting up Barbelt guard from pulling de la riva guard 
  • Pulling Barbelt guard 2 
  • Setting up Barbelt guard from double guard pull 
  • Main Barbelt guard sweep 

Controlling Movement From Bar-Belt Guard

Part 3:

  • Barbelt arm drag 
  • Barbelt guard single leg sweep 
  • Barbelt guard modified x sweep
  • Barbelt guard modified spider sweep 
  • Barbelt Scissor Sweep 

Part 4:

  • Transition to X Guard 
  • Barbelt Kiss of the Dragon Roll 
  • Transition to 50/50 Guard 
  • Blocking the berimbolo with belt control 
  • Conclusion

 So, What Does It Cost?