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The Brabo/Darce Evolution by Dave Porter


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Learn The Technical Secrets of The Darce and Brabo Chokes from Accomplished Competitor and Pedro Sauer Black Belt David Porter

  • Dave Porter is a black belt under the legendary Pedro Sauer and high-level competitor who’s turned in impressive performances in Fight to Win PRO, Finishers Series, The Rickson Cup, and US Grappling, among others
  • Master slick set-ups, multiple attacks, troubleshoot, and develop new strategies using one of the most effective chokes in all of BJJ
  • You don’t need long arms to learn the techniques in this series

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Evolution 0:29
Good, Better, Best grips 3:37
Defining “Lock-side Up” 5:40
Slide Through or Roll 7:22
Troubleshooting (Gator Roll) 9:01
Setups from Top positions - Russian-tie 10:22:00
Dog fight with overhook 11:34:00
Failed single leg escape 12:50:00
Mounted D'arce 14:54:00
Technica/MMA Mount 16:31
High Mount 19:22
Knee on Belly 21:33
Cross Side escape counter 23:21
Cross Side static 26:50:00
Scarf Hold 29:39:00
North/South 33:42:00

Volume 2

Turtle near side 0
Turtle far side 2:43
Turtle front side 4:34
Back Mount 7:47
Stack passing options 10:39
Knee-cut attack 13:51
Knee-drive and pin 16:06
São Paulo to backfill 18:51
Butterfly attack 22:38
Half-Guard overhook and roll 2:51
Half-Guard screwdriver 5:23
Attacking seated guard 32:29:00

Volume 3

Setups from Bottom positions (counters and escapes) - Knee-cut pass counter 0
Scarf Hold counter 2:16
Crossface counter 3:51
Cross side counter (both arms over) 6:02
Cross Side Harpoon reversal 8:20
Cross Side kick-out 11:53
North/South Kimura Counter 13:55
Combination attacks from guard 16:10
Half-Guard overhook setup 18:56
Butterfly Guard float pass counter 21:06:00
Back Mount to Deep Half threat 23:09:00
Bottom Turtle rollout 26:36:00

Volume 4

Gi dependent Setups - Off of grip breaks while standing 0
Octo-D'arce 1:58
S-Mount attack 4:42
Knee on Belly combo 6:57
Log-splitter Pass attack 9:42
Stack pass counter 13:47
Toreando counter 16:41
Closed guard attack series 18:47
Open guard to overhead sweep attack 21:24:00
North/South counter to armbar 23:09:00
Back Mount traditional escape and counter 25:24:00

Learn The Technical Secrets of The Darce and Brabo Chokes from Accomplished Competitor and Pedro Sauer Black Belt David Porter

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What Will You Learn

Dave Porter is an acclaimed instructor, high-level competitor, and a black belt under the legendary Pedro Sauer. He is well-known for his vicious Darce and Brabo attacks and with The Brabo / Darce Evolution, Porter is going to reveal the secrets of his incredibly effective strategies for setting up, applying, and finishing these devastatingly effective chokes! You don't need long arms to be effective with these techniques! With revolutionary technique and technical instruction from Porter based on proper mechanics, you will quickly understand how these two chokes can and NEED to be a part of your arsenal! 

So, What’s In The Series?

In 4-parts, Porter will gear you up for Darce and brabo success with set-ups from top and bottom positions, including gi specific applications. Porter will give you multiple options to attack these chokes from a variety of positions and even provide you with ideas on “good”, “better”, and “best” grips to make sure you know the difference! You’ll learn to snag Darce’s and brabo’s from almost EVERYWHERE, with genius set-ups, even using passes as bait, and loads of counters that will help you plug in the Darce and brabo chokes to your other favorite submissions, making this series the perfect pairing to make you a more dangerous grappler! 

Porter has assembled all of his best-kept secrets in one comprehensive and complete instructional on this specialized subject! Anyone can benefit from these techniques and use them to create a more formidable and well-rounded submission gameplan!

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