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The Complete Submission Arsenal by Gilbert Burns


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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gilbert burns

Professional Fighter

Attack The Submission With Air-Tight Chokes and Devastating Joint Locks From Top UFC Contender and Black Belt World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Gilbert “Durinho” Burns

  • Attack combat tested submissions with UFC star and black belt World Champion Gilbert Burns’ guide to finishing fights on the ground
  • Use Durinho’s champion insights into some of his favorite submissions, including the head and arm choke, the armbar, kimura, and more
  • Gilbert “Durinho” Burns is one of the most successful combat athletes in the world, with elite success in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA competition
  • Improve your game all over with submissions you can lock up from guard, mount, side control, back control, and more 
  • Learn how to improve your leverage and get more taps than ever with position and technique

Course Content

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Volume 1

Chapter 1 - Introduction 0:00 - 2:35
Chapter 2 - Head and Arm choke 2:35 - 6:41
Chapter 3 - Head and Arm from Mount 6:41 - 11:01
Chapter 4 - Head and Arm 11:01 - 14:50
Chapter 5 - Kimura from Side 14: 50 - 20:11
Chapter 6 - Kimura from Half Guard 20:11

Volume 2

Chapter 1 - Arm bar from Side Control0:00 - 3:41
Chapter 2 - Arm Bar from Mount3:41 - 7:46
Chapter 3 - Guillotine from Half Guard7:46 - 12:30
Chapter 4 - Guillotine from Butterfly12:30 - 17:59
Chapter 5 - Omoplata from Closed Guard17:59

Volume 3

Chapter 1 - Arm Bar from closed guard 0:00 - 4:04
Chapter 2 - Arm Bar from Back Control 4:04 - 8:36
Chapte 3 - Back Control Series 8:36 - 21:18
Chapter 4 - Triangle from Closed Guard 21:18 - 25:17
Chapter 5 - Triangle from Side Control 25:17 - 29:16
Chapter 6 - Triangle from Mount 26:16

Attack Submissions With Air-Tight Chokes and Devastating Joint Locks From Top UFC Contender and Black Belt World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Gilbert “Durinho” Burns




What Will You Learn?

Lock up effective submissions and finish the fight with stronger technique, as one of the UFC’s best fighters Gilbert “Durinho” Burns teaches you his grappling arsenal. With chokes and joint locks from tons of positions, you can begin improving your ground game with the best ways to finish fights.

Finish Fights With Devastating Submission Technique


Durinho is one of the best combat sports athletes on Earth, with a world championship in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and as a top contender in the UFC. Now you can learn these battle-tested submission holds with the same techniques that have proven so successful for him in his career.

Choke Out Opponents With No Problem!


Durinho’s got one of the most effective ground games in MMA, and now you can learn the secrets behind that success as he explains the keys to finishing the fight. With chokes, guillotines, arm triangles, armbars, and more, you can start getting the tap with sharper strategy than ever.

What's On This Series?

Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Head and Arm Choke
  • Head and Arm From Mount
  • Head and Arm
  • Kimura From Side
  • Kimura From Half Guard

Part 2

  • Arm Bar From Side Control
  • Arm Bar From Mount
  • Guillotine From Half Guard
  • Guillotine From Butterfly
  • Omoplata From Closed Guard

Part 3

  • Arm Bar From Closed Guard
  • Arm Bar From Back Control
  • Back Control Series
  • Triangle From Closed Guard
  • Triangle From Side Control
  • Triangle From Mount

So, What Does It All Cost?