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The Counter Throwing Wrestling Manual by Katelyn Jarrell


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katelyn jarrell

Professional Fighter

Join 5-Time US World Judo Team Member and Wrestling Standout Katelyn Jarrell for a Look at Some of the Most Effective Counter Throwing Strategies in Grappling

  • Katelyn Jarrell is a 5-Time Senior National Judo Champion and a career grappler with high level accomplishments in wrestling and Judo 
  • Learn to use throws as counters with incredible strategies that will help you stay offensive in your exchanges
  • Master world level throwing details and technical secrets that you’ll use to counter and surprise your training partners and opponents

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Throwing from Control Ties 0:41
The Value of Using Throws as Counters 1:50
Underhook Series - Hip Toss 2:19
Hip Toss 2 7:57
Underhook Jap Whizzer 9:55
Inner Thigh Throw 13:12
Sweeping Hip Throw 16:12
Putting it All Together 18:15
Hip Toss from Pinch Headlock 19:49
Foot Sweep 21:44
Hip Toss Footwork Drill 23:45

Volume 2

Russian Series - Intro to the Russian Tie 0
Inside Trip 2:05
Inside Trip to Double Leg 8:52
Body Drop 9:54
Body Drop 2 15:03
Outer Reap 18:24
Counter Throws - Intro 20:18
Inner Thigh Throw 20:44
Headlock 23:08
Corner Throw 25:01
Trick Throw 27:51
Hand Wheel 30:10
Hip Fighting Drill 32:00
Outro 33:32

Join 5-Time US World Judo Team Member and Wrestling Standout Katelyn Jarrell for a Look at Some of the Most Effective Counter Throwing Strategies in Grappling




As a career grappler, Katelyn Jarrell has turned in impressive performances at the highest levels of Judo and she’s supplemented her Judo career with wrestling from the beginning, creating a unique, and technical blend of the two grappling arts. With The Counter Throwing Wrestling Manual, Jarrett provides you with the ultimate guide to using throws as counters to some of the most common grappling scenarios, to give you the edge in the standing exchange!

Hit Effective Throws From Your Feet




Jarrell will explain the value of using throws as counters to open up the series, before you dive head first into a vast network of technical throwing strategies. You'll work from the under hook, use the Russian tie, and even master some specialized drills to help you recruit an entirely new set of throwing skills. Foot sweeps, trips, hip tosses, body drops, and the technical secrets to much much more will be revealed in this unique 2-part series dedicated to battle tested counter offensive measures!

Learn Throwing & Tripping Details From A World Class Judoka




If you’ve been searching for secrets of staying offensive and creating a more dangerous and effective throwing toolbox, look no further! Jarrett is a truly accomplished grappler and she's incredibly passionate when it comes to instruction and sharing her knowledge. She continues to impart her special wisdom at Iron Faith Wrestling with Her husband Stephen Jarrett, a decorated NCAA vet, helping to cultivate the next generation of great grapplers!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Throwing From Control Ties
  • The Value Of Using Throws As Counters
  • Underhook Series
  • Hip Toss
  • Hip Toss 2
  • Underhook Jap Whizzer
  • Inner Thigh Throw
  • Sweeping Hip Throw
  • Putting It All Together
  • Hip Toss From Pinch Headlock
  • Foot Sweep
  • Hip Toss Footwork Drill

Part 2

  • Russian Series
  • Intro To The Russian Tie
  • Inside Tie
  • Inside Trip to Double Leg
  • Body Drop
  • Body Drop 2
  • Outer Reap
  • Counter Throws
  • Intro
  • Inner Thigh Throw
  • Headlock
  • Corner Throw
  • Trick Throw
  • Hand Wheel
  • Hip Fighting Drill
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?