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The Cradle Machine by Ed Ruth


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Ed Ruth

Professional Fighter

The Cradle Formula: From One Of The Best Cradlers & Wrestlers in American History: Ed Ruth From Penn State

  • This is your total roadmap for dominating on the mat with the cradle from Nittany Lion legend Ed Ruth
  • Score cradles from everywhere with Ed's innovative entries into some of his most effective pinning combinations
  • See how to get the turn no matter where your opponent wants to take you. Once it's locked, points are coming!
  • Ed's cradle series was feared and scouted but no one could learn his secrets until now
  • Tilt and rack up points in bunches with some of Ed's tilts from top, a sure set of back points when you need them

Course Content

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Volume 1

Crossface Cradle 0 - 5:14
Crossface Variation feed the knee 5:14 - 8:27
Overhead Crossface 8:27 - 11:44
Ed Ruth Crossface 11:44 - 15:34
Drop Cradle 15:34 - 19:04
Crank to Crossface Cradle 19:04 - 23:09
Transitional crossface 23:09 - 26:31
Finishing with inside Cradle 26:31 - 29:25

Volume 2

Tilt Variations 0 - 5:17
Bar Arm Tilt 5:17 - 9:21
Shoulder Tilt Re-Shoot 9:21 - 12:25
Wrist Roll Tilt 12:25 - 14:45
Head and Arm 14:45 - 17:34
Cement Mixer 17:34 - 22:38
Headlock Pop 22:38 - 25:31