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The Donkey Guard by Jeff Glover


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Jeff Glover

Professional Fighter

Learn the in’s and out’s of the most unique and different guard in BJJ directly from its creator

  • Add this outlandish skillset to your toolbox to confuse and surprise your opponents and training partners
  • Use the donkey guard to enter into a variety of familiar positions you're already working with like leg entanglements, half guard, and more.
  • Learn new transitions, entries, and submissions from the donkey guard creating a new and unusual attacking platform you can implement at any time

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 0:37
Body Lock Concept 0:37 - 4:48
Reverse Pummeling to Body Lock 4:48 - 8:35
Stance Work 8:35 - 12:26
Bear Bait to body and single leg option 12:26 - 15:08
Jumping Donkey Guard Entry 15:08 - 22:55
Double Leg from Donkey 22:55 - 27:49

Volume 2

Ryan Hall Donkey Entry 0 - 4:16
360 switch stance 4:16 - 8:11
Donkey Hurricanrada 8:11 - 11:11
Backroll into Donkey 11:11 - 16:14
Donkey Bump Ass Shot 16:14 - 22:34
Donkey Entry from North South 22:34 - 30:15

Volume 3

Donkey Pass 0 - 7:27
Donkey Drills 7:27 - 13:39
Donkey Deep Half 13:39 - 18:52
Reverse Donkey Mount 18:52 - 26:30
Donkey Guillotine 26:30 - 30:21

Learn the in’s and out’s of the most unique and different guard in BJJ directly from its creator

Add this outlandish skillset to your toolbox to confuse and surprise your opponents and training partners

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What Will You Learn?

Imagine yourself on all fours with your backside facing the guard passer. Sounds crazy right? You might be surprised at how effective this unique form of guard is! Many of us have heard the tales of the infamous donkey guard. Some of us have witnessed the FRUSTRATION it causes and the CONFUSION it creates when the opposing party is trying to respond. Jeff Glover has refined this bizarre form of guard and compiled an ESSENTIAL LIST OF ITS GREATEST UTILITIES so that you can reap the benefits of this incredibly unorthodox guard configuration.

Finally, Glover is providing a blueprint for the use of the donkey guard that includes entries from multiple positions, drills, and attacks. Never before have we been treated to such an in depth look at this HIGHLY USEFUL AND UNIQUE SYSTEM. It’s time to get a full picture of what makes this position tick so that you can begin adding elements of the donkey guard into your own unique game!

Start with learning to lock the body and understanding how the donkey guard is used to engage the guard passer. You'll be instructed on multiple ways to enter the position and use it effectively such as the “hurrincanrada” and the “donkey bump ass shot”. Interested yet? You'll find yourself opening up new avenues to 50/50, reverse x guard, and so much more! With these new and interesting ideas, you'll be entering your favorite positions with GREATER EFFICIENCY AND CREATIVITY, throwing your training partners and opponents for a loop!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Body Lock Concept 
  • Reverse Pummeling to Body Lock 
  • Stance Work 
  • Bear Bait to body and single leg option
  • Jumping Donkey Guard Entry 
  • Double Leg from Donkey 

Part 2:

  • Ryan Hall Donkey Entry 
  • 360 switch stance 
  • Donkey Hurricanrada 
  • Backroll into Donkey 
  • Donkey Bump Ass Shot 
  • Donkey Entry from North South

Part 3:

  • Donkey Pass 
  • Donkey Drills 
  • Donkey Deep Half 
  • Reverse Donkey Mount 
  • Donkey Guillotine

So, What Does It Cost?

If this bizarre and effective form of guard has ever piqued your interest, there's no better instruction on the subject than from the man who pioneered the concept. Add this unique layer to your game and become more dynamic and versatile in your training and competition endeavors with a fresh set of skills that you can apply immediately!

We could have easily charged $127 or more for this series, but we’re not going to do that. We’re going to cut that price by nearly 50% and bring you The Donkey Guard with Jeff Glover for just: