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The Expanded Coyote Half Guard System No Gi by Lucas Leite


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Lucas Leite

Professional Fighter

Learn How To Make The No-Gi Half Guard Into A Dangerous Combo Of Sweeps, Back Takes, And More From Half Guard Master & Black Belt World Champion Lucas Leite

  • Lucas Leite is a multiple time IBJJF No-Gi World Champion and he’s widely regarded as one of the greatest half guard players the sport of BJJ has ever seen
  • Explore the answers to the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the Coyote Half Guard series
  • Learn slick transitions, submissions, sweeps, and escapes all centered around Leite’s incredibly popular and effective Coyote System
  • Use new tricks to pull your opponents into your half guard game that they will not see coming

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 2:29
Standing to arm triangle finish 2:29 - 8:41
Standing to mount 8:41 - 13:47
Single leg to half guard pull 13:47 - 23:02
Elevating to back take 23:02

Volume 2

Two on one to dog fight 0 - 10:46
Counter the headlock 10:46 - 15:49
Mount escape 15:49 - 24:16
Back escape 24:16

Volume 3

Knee bar details 0 - 1:30
Side control escape 1:30 - 7:26
Lockdown pressure 7:26 - 16:16
Concepts 16:16 - 20:50
Outro 20:50

Learn How To Make The No-Gi Half Guard Into A Dangerous Combo Of Sweeps, Back Takes, And More From Half Guard Master & Black Belt World Champion Lucas Leite

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What Will You Learn

The release of the first Coyote instructional changed the half guard game forever and now Multiple-Time No-Gi World Champion Lucas Leite is back, to expand on one of the most popular half guard instructional series ever created! Leite is widely considered to be one of the best and most dynamic half guard players in BJJ! With this new expansion series, he’s going to provide you with answers to the most common questions about the Coyote System to help you create an even more dangerous and effective game plan! 

Using fresh new techniques, including submissions, sweeps, masterful transitions, defenses, and escapes, Leite will provide you with the tools necessary to respond to the most frequently encountered scenarios, so that you can continue to funnel your training partners and opponents into bad positions and impose YOUR game! 

So, What’s In The Series?

In addition to learning new ways to pull your opponents into the coyote system, Leite will also expand on some of the most common problems and questions that he gets when it comes to strategy and staying on the attack! You'll counter common submission attempts, escape some of the most terrible positions, and learn how to respond when your opponents greet you with savvy reactions to your coyote strategies! 

Leite has been a fixture in the BJJ community for years, well-known for his innovations and impressive competition performances. His half guard game is legendary and the coyote system has become the home base for half guard players around the world! Expand on Leite’s genius systems and add more tools to the arsenal in this special series brought to you by one of the best to ever do it! 

So, What Does It Cost?