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The French Gripping Formula by Loic Pietri


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Loic Pietri

Professional Fighter

Learn to attack both left and right-handed Judo players.

  • Don’t be thrown off by fighting someone with the opposite lead hand!
  • Dominate the Kumi Kata (grip fighting) aspect of the match to earn a distinct advantage that takes strength and athleticism out of the equation.
  • Use Loic’s gritty gripping details to increase your consistency with your offensive approach.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Présentation 0:21
Basics Tips To Know About Kumi Kata 0:36
Jigotai : Stance And Mobility 1:29
Manage The Distance 3:17
Handle The Lefty - Ways To Take Kumi Kata 5:22
Activate Your Kumi Kata 9:09
Battle For Sleeves 11:12
Battle For Lapels 17:47
How To Escape High Kumi Kata 23:44
Handle Right Handers - Ways To Take Kumi Kata Part 1 25:51
Ways To Take Kumi Kata Part 2 28:16
Activate Your Kumi Kata 33:04
Battle For Sleeves And Lapels 35:45
How To Escape High Kumi Kata 39:25

Volume 2

Attack From Differents Kumi Kata - Introduction 0
Ippon Seoi Nage 1:31
Ippon O Soto Gari 4:51
Tai Otoshi 7:33
Reverse Morote Seoi Nage 10:43
Tai Otoshi From Pistol Grip 13:20
Morote Seoi Nage 16:52
Sode Tsurikomi Goshi 19:37
Ko Uchi Gari 23:42
Outro 26:14

World Champ Loic Pietri has tried and true gripping methods that will help you control the action, create kuzushi, and execute throws.

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What Will You Learn?

The French Gripping Formula looks to give you an easy-to-follow system of gripping that allows you to unlock your full potential as a Judo athlete. Loic Pietri is a former Judo World Champion in the -89 kg category. He credits his gripping system for his success at the highest levels of competition.

If you have ever felt like you cannot establish effective grips on an opponent you aren’t alone. Grips and grip fighting are often overlooked by many beginners because the focus shifts solely to tactical throws. The reality is that you will have a very hard time implementing high level throws if you cannot win the grip exchange. The French Gripping Formula goes in-depth on how to initiate and win the grip fighting sequence. 

By consistently out gripping your opponents you will have a much higher success rate on the mat. Neutral gripping, where neither practitioner has advantageous grips, oftentimes comes down to who is the better athlete or who is stronger. By using Loic’s systematic gripping approach you can start to earn that tactical advantage over opponents who may even have more experience than you!

Do you hate facing off against someone with the opposite lead hand/foot like you? You are not alone here either! The French Gripping Formula dives in on establishing offense against an opposite stance opponent. On top of generating offense that builds you a platform to launch attacks, you will learn how to defeat your opponent’s grips as well!

To wrap things up in this hard-hitting instructional, Loic covers a wide range of alternative attacks off of unusual grips. These grips catch the opponent off guard because they aren’t your typical grips. From these unique setups Loic is able to execute classic techniques like Tai Otoshi, Seoi Nage, Osoto Gari, and MORE!

Activate You Kumi Kata

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Présentation
  • Basics Tips To Know About Kumi Kata 
  • Jigotai : Stance And Mobility 
  • Manage The Distance 
  • Handle The Lefty 
  • Ways To Take Kumi Kata 
  • Activate Your Kumi Kata
  • Battle For Sleeves 
  • Battle For Lapels 
  • How To Escape High Kumi Kata
  • Handle Right Handers
  • Ways To Take Kumi Kata Part 1 
  • Ways To Take Kumi Kata Part 2 
  • Activate Your Kumi Kata
  • Battle For Sleeves And Lapels 
  • How To Escape High Kumi Kata 

Part 2:

  • Attack From Differents Kumi Kata 
  • Introduction 
  • Ippon Seoi Nage 
  • Ippon O Soto Gari 
  • Tai Otoshi
  • Reverse Morote Seoi Nage 
  • Tai Otoshi From Pistol Grip 
  • Morote Seoi Nage 
  • Sode Tsurikomi Goshi
  • Ko Uchi Gari 
  • Outro 

How To Escape High Kumi Kata

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