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The Giggler Sweep by Mansour Barnaoui


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Mansour Barnaoui

Professional Fighter

Barnaoui has fought for and earned MMA superstardom, currently holding a record of 19-4 and he holds the lightweight belt in Road FC with 5 of his last 6 victories coming by way of rear naked choke

  • This incredible half guard sweep works against elite competition, even as a smaller and less experienced grappler!
  • Barnaoui’s giggler sweep makes a regular appearance in his fights and in this instructional he’ll reveal the inner workings of this unique system
  • Learn to reverse, submit, counter, and scramble your way to victory with elite level details and instruction on this highly effective and specific set of skills

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Getting half guard from closed guard 0:27
Sweep using the hips 3:36
Sweep using the hand 8:33
Sweep and control 13:24
Sweep blocking the arm 20:26
From the sweep to the back 25:22

Volume 2

From the sweep to submission 0
Counter to the knee bar 10:14
From dog fight to the back 15:29
Counter the wizard 24:23
Counter the wizard bi’s 29:17
Scramble to Guillotine 33:30
Outro 40:05

Master This Unorthodox Battle-Tested Half Guard System for Reversing Your Opponents with French-Tunisian MMA Champion Mansour Barnaoui

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What Will You Learn?

With The Giggler Sweep, you’ll receive world class guidance from French-Tunisian MMA superstar Mansour Barnaoui on one of his most relied upon methods of reversing his opponents! Barnaoui has been a force inside the cage, amassing an impressive record and making a name for himself in Road FC as the Lightweight Champion with multiple title defenses. Now, with instruction from the man himself you'll be able to see what makes this incredible system so problematic for his opponents and recruit the same skills that Barnaoui uses at the highest levels of combat to reverse, counter, and submit your training partners and opponents with greater ease! 

You’ll get a proper intro first and then dive deep into multiple methods of reversing before getting a look at some brilliant routes to the back and then watch as Mansour sprinkles in some great submission options! Some genius counters and a scramble to a vicious guillotine will round out this quick and dirty series on some of Barnaoui’s most trusted techniques!

Barnaoui is a modern MMA master and his technique is razor sharp. Take this rare opportunity to learn a highly specialized skill set from this accomplished champion and see why Barnaoui’s ground game is bringing him so much success at the highest levels of combat!

Getting Half Guard From Closed Guard

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Getting half guard from closed guard
  • Sweep using the hips 
  • Sweep using the hand 
  • Sweep and control 
  • Sweep blocking the arm 
  • From the sweep to the back 

Part 2:

  • From the sweep to submission 
  • Counter to the knee bar
  • From dog fight to the back 
  • Counter the wizard 
  • Counter the wizard bi’s 
  • Scramble to Guillotine
  • Outro 

So, What Does It All Cost?