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The Hidden Mechanics Of Postura Jiu-Jitsu by Francesco Fonte


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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francesco fonte

Professional Fighter

Embolden your Guard passing techniques with hidden mechanics that are easy to miss, but easy to apply!

  • Fonte teaches methods of positioning that will help you stop submissions from the very start of the technique.
  • Use Francescos’s consistent strategies every time you are in the top position.
  • Develop superior balance from the top to avoid sweeps on your way to securing the guard pass.
  • Use concepts that apply to multiple aspects of your game like guard passing, standing, half guard, side control, and MORE!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 1:55
Solo Drills 1:55 - 3:53
Basics of Postura Inside Closed Guard 3:53 - 9:00
Grips and layers of protection 9:00 - 19:30
Postura and knee slide 19:30 - 27:16
Postura as side control 27:16

Volume 2

Aikido walking through the guard 0 - 7:43
Postura inside half guard 7:43 - 15:00
Postura and double under pass 15:00 - 17:21
Postura as stacking 17:21

Volume 3

Standing up inside the closed guard 0 - 8:11
Layers of protection while standing up inside the guard 8:11 - 15:07
Postura and toreando passes 15:07 - 19:54
Postura and Takedowns 19:54 - 23:24
BONUS- Postura and MMA 23:24

Learn The Art Of Proper Posture With Francesco Fonte’s Easy To Follow System That Will Help You Become More Effective From The Top Position!

The Hidden Mechanics Of Postura By Francesco Fonte Is A 3-Part Instructional That Dives In On Hidden Mechanics That Are Often Overlooked, But Are Essential For ANY Grappler Looking To Dominate From The Top Position!

Check Out The Trailer!

What Will You Learn?

The Hidden Mechanics Of Postura covers one of the most overlooked, yet essential concepts in ALL of combat, Posture! Posture in the realm of Jiu-Jitsu can make or break your entire game. Francesco Fonte, BJJ Black Belt, and owner of Next Level MMA, lays out a complete breakdown of key elements of posture. Throughout the series, you will learn exactly WHAT posture is, how to use it as a shield against sweeps and submissions, and how to use it as a weapon to defeat your opponent’s Guard!

With proper posture mechanics, you lay a foundation for the rest of your game, especially from guard passing scenarios. By having poor posture you provide the opportunity for your opponent to establish dominant grips and control over your body. This scenario can be difficult to defend, and will oftentimes end up in a sweep or worse, a submission. Francesco focuses on hidden mechanics to give you the upper hand from the start.

Once you start to apply Fonte’s concepts of Postura, you’ll have more effective and efficient guard passes. This helps you conserve energy while passing, and at the same time force your opponent to be defensive. Having proper posture is a great way to start to create tempo against your opponent. Take control of the action with proper posture and Fonte’s clear cut passing strategy!

Tip the scales in your favor anytime you are in the top position with Francesco Fonte’s Hidden Mechanics of Postura! Check out the complete technique list below!

Postura As Side Control

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Solo Drills
  • Basics of Postura Inside Closed Guard 
  • Grips and layers of protection
  • Postura and knee slide 
  • Postura as side control 

Part 2:

  • Aikido walking through the guard 
  • Postura inside half guard 
  • Postura and double under pass
  • Postura as stacking

Part 3:

  • Standing up inside the closed guard 
  • Layers of protection while standing up inside the guard 
  • Postura and toreando passes 
  • Postura and Takedowns 
  • BONUS- Postura and MMA

So, What Does It All Cost?