The K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System by Dean Lister

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Learn The Leg Attack Secrets That Will Get You Tapping
Higher Belts (Yes, Even Black Belts!) With Ease!


- Inside foot lock
- Outside foot lock
- The setup from inside the guard
- Foot lock from strong closed guard
- Entrances to the outside foot lock
- Arm grind bonus for finish
- Straight footlocker from 50/50 position



- Theories on leg lock safety
- Be careful who u train with
- Corkscrew footlocker and setup
- Basic straight heel hook from inside the guard
- Reverse heel hook (inverted)
- Knee compression Counter to the roll out escape
- 4 closed circuit heel hooks positions



- Toe hold fundamentals
- Application of Toe Hold
- Toe hold from dela riva
- Toe hold finish from knee bar position
- Rolling toe hold in open guard
- Rolling toe hold in open guard Finish
- Straight knee lock finishing details thumb vs big toe
- Knee bar setup. Saulo ribeiro reference
- Back step knee bar
- Knee bar counter to Quarter guard
- Leg sweep attach from the half guard
- Closed circuit from knee lock detail
- Calorification bottom leg vs top leg
- Knee bar finish details
- Knee bar counter to opponents guard retention
- Knee bar/ sweep from half guard



- Counter foot lock knee compression
- Setup into compression
- The hobbler
- Compression when opponent rolls out heel hook
- Calf slicer against turtle
- Calf slicer off open guard pass
- Triangle defense
- Armlock Escape
- Prevention escaping footlocker
- Straight arm lock escape
- Alternate triangle escape
- Straight knee lock escape
- Heel hook resistance sweep from half guard