Learn The Secret Kimura System This 38 Year Old "Chubby Guy" Uses To Catch Everyone He Rolls With

  • Fabio Holanda is so good at the Kimura
  • IBJJF and UFC champions like GSP, Cobrihna, and many other greats seek his advice on the position
  • Fabio is a lot like you, he is 38, has kids, and is not a freak athlete
  • This system lets him hang with all of the young world champions and even submit them
  • This is the original guide to Kimura's

The Kimura Machine by Fabio Holanda

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Fabio Holanda – known as the “Mastermind” - has an entire system that you can use as your “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” while you roll. You can use it to sweep, finish or even get out of submissions.