The Kimura System 3 DVD Set by Robson "Mau-Mau" Lima

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Do you use the Kimura? Mau Mau Robson de Lima is perhaps the best guy in the world at using the Kimura. He is a Masters world champion and a Black Belt under the legendary Master Julio Cesar Periera in Rio de Janiero.

If you want fancy and unorthodox moves, then this DVD is not for you. What this DVD does is provide you with solid fundamental kimura attacks from basic positions. Before this DVD, i could not finish kimuras with people the same rank as me (purple). Now after, watching the DVD, I can now finish purple belts and even threaten brown belts with it. Definitely a must buy for people looking to learn the fundamental kimura attacks.

P.S. the Kimura pass/attack from top half guard is gold. 

Rian Serranilla, Blue Belt - Ireland


Why The Kimura?

Mau Mau is a GF Team Black Belt and as such he is NOT FROM GRACIE LINEAGE! GF Team is from Oswaldo Fadda – a footlock specialist who learned Jiu Jitsu not through the Gracies but through Luiz Franca who learned directly from Count Maeda. Since the Gracies are credited with founding most of the Brazilian style of Jiu Jitsu, the GF Team was always seen as outcasts and their fighters have always had something to prove..

Mau Mau didn’t grow up idolizing the Gracies, he grew up idolizing the Great “Gracie Hunter” Kazushi Sakuraba who became famous for defeating Royler, Royce and Renzo Gracie. Sakuraba specialized in the double wrist lock or the hold better known as the Kimura.


Kimuras from everywhere:

Mau Mau is always hunting Kimuras and when you learn how you will see that they are everywhere: From:

Bottom Half Guard

Top Half Guard

Passing Open Guard

Side Control

Under Side Control


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has proven very susceptible to the Kimura and it can truly help your game:


I bought the MAU MAU KIMURA DVD a couple of months ago,and since then it has helped me a lot to improve my bjj game,before to get this dvds,I didn't know that there were many options in which I could use the kimura technique,now I know that I can use the kimura from many angles,thanks to MAU MAU KIMURA DVD for the help. – Xavier Andres, Black Belt Ecuador


So what is on the Mau Mau Kimura:


double leg defense back take with kimura
double leg defense back take variation with rolling opponent
6 point double leg counter into mount
half guard kimura knee cut pass
kimura defense from single leg half/lapel guard
kimura from Z guard when opponent passes opposite side
back take/arm bar from Z guard
back take from z guard when turning to opposite side
kimura from half guard with jump over finish
kimura from half guard with no roll
kimura from locked triangle
kimura with locked triangle from mount
kimura sweep from bottom half
arm bar from kimura z guard entry
kimura fundamentals (closed guard)
z guard kimura fundamentals
kimura fundamentals from top half guard
side control kimura fundamentals
north south kimura
sakuraba kimura
counter kimura with kimura
arm bar counter to kimura