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The Lightweight Guard by Matheus Gonzaga


Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Matheus Gonzaga

Professional Fighter

The Lightweight Guard: Learn To Use Your Smaller Size To Your Advantage To Destroy Everyone In The Gym.

  • Matheus Gonzaga, Purple Belt World Champion will change your game
  • Use Your Speed & Quickness As A Weapon - Even If You’re Used To Getting Smashed By Bigger Guys
  • Matheus has counters for pressure passes
  • Matheus Gonzaga currently trains with Andre Galvao at Atos HQ San Diego, California.
  • This is your chance to learn the most technical Jiu Jitsu there is

Course Content

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Volume 1

Ukemi Sweep From Closed Guard 0 - 4:00
Inverted Knee Bar From Closed Guard 4:00 - 9:17
Double Under Counter Roll 9:17 - 12:13
Counter To De La Riva Pass 12:13 - 15:10
De La Riva Lasso Sweep 15:10 - 19:46
De La Riva Lasso Omaplata 19:46 - 22:09
Superman Sweep To Straight Footlock 22:09 - 26:14
Inverted Torreando Backtake 26:14 - 29:20
Knee Assisted Elbow Lock From Open Guard 29:20 - 32:09
De La Riva Backtake From Scramble 32:09 - 35:52

Volume 2

Sumi Sweep From Lasso 0 - 4:14
5 Hole Backtake From Closed Guard 4:14 - 8:54
Trick To Stop Torreando 8:54 - 16:22
Elbow Lock From Overhook 16:22 - 21:04
Omaplata from Overhook 21:04 - 25:41
Alternate Arm Omaplata Finish 25:41 - 30:23
Spider Guard Sweep From Closed Guard 30:23 - 34:32
Double Under Counter 34:32 - 36:59
Fireman’s Counter To Torreando 36:59 - 40:10
Knee Cut Counter 40:10 - 44:00

Learn To Use Your Smaller Size To Your Advantage To Destroy Everyone In The Gym.