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The Mirroring Principle: Back Defense & Being Offensive by Wim Deputter


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Wim Deputter

Professional Fighter

Wim Deputter is here to make sure you never get stuck in back control again.

  • This Belgium-based, Brasa black belt is going to give you the conceptual tools that are going to change how you look at being defensive and escaping bad positions like back control.
  • Using his concepts “the mirroring principle” along with techniques such as the baby bridge and scooping shoulders, he will quickly having you escaping positions you used to suffer in hopelessly.
  • Wim’s tricky defensive approach contains many BJJ hacks that you would never have figured out on your own. This instructional hands them to you, saving you tons of time using traditional trial and error.

Course Content

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Volume 1



Intro0 - 9:36
Altruistic reason to get a good defense9:36 - 11:07
A note on stalling11:07 - 15:40
Back Defense 'Survival'15:40 - 19:23


Volume 2



Inside turnout0 - 9:41
Outside turnout9:41 - 14:44
Defending against seat belt14:44 - 27:30
Turnout toward open side27:30 - 33:32


Volume 3



Fireman Escape System - Slide Down0 - 6:44
Closed side bridge6:44 - 16:01
Open side bridge16:01 - 24:29
Variation for less flexible people24:29 - 28:05
Open side turnover28:05 - 32:19
Back Escape drill32:19 - 34:53
Arm bar defense34:53 - 39:17
Shin inside knee foot lock39:17 - 44:55
Foot lock variation44:55 - 48:05
Shin inside knee fail48:05 - 52:30
Mirroring from honey hole (bonus)52:30 - 59:08


Volume 4



Fireman Passing System Intro0 - :34
A. The Closed Guard -Closed guard pass 1:34 - 9:27
The collar grip9:27 - 12:31
Closed guard pass 212:31 - 17:26
Closed guard pass 317:26 - 21:42
B. The Single-under aka The Fireman Pass -Pressure passing hierarchy21:42 - 24:17
Long step pass24:17 - 28:37
Sprawl and pass28:37 - 33:51
Kimura bait trap33:51 - 38:31
Rollover arm bar defense38:31 - 43:15
opponents scoots around to the back43:15 - 47:38
Dela-riva back bait trap47:38 - 53:10
Reverse baby - hug53:10 - 56:08
Reverse baby - hug sit - up sweep56:08 - 56:59
Deep half rollover56:59 - 59:14
Deep half bridge over59:14 - 1:05:49


Learn Wim Deputter's Mirroring Principle and Never Get Stuck With Your Back Taken Again.

What Will You Learn?

Wim Deputter is a highly regarding black belt instructor and MMA competitor. His conceptual approach has made him a favorite within the BJJ Globetrotters seminar circuit. Unlike many instructors who will share a list of disconnected techniques, Wim is going to give you a complete conceptual system fill with BJJ Hacks that will super charge your game and have you looking at everything you thought you knew with a fresh perspective.

Let’s face it, having someone on your back is one of the worst experiences you can have in BJJ. What if there were a few simple principles that didn’t require you to be a crazy, explosive or athletic grappler that could help you escape with ease? Wim Deputter is going to share all of his tried and true techniques that will have you escaping the bad position and finding the offensive silver lining within every defensive position that’s easy to miss if you’re only learning by trial and error.

In the Back Defense Series you are going to learn all of Wim’s best escapes from every possible bad spot you can find yourself. Dealing with the seat belt, or any other type of grips will be easy with Wim Deputter’s help.

In the later volumes of this series you will also learn how to Become Offensive with Someone On Your Back. Nothing feels better than catching an attacker in a submission when they’re caught admiring their own work. Let Wim Deputter teach you how!

So What's On This Series?

The first two volumes of this 4 volume series are an extremely deep dive into the Mirroring Principle and how it applies to back defense and back escapes. Don’t think these concepts aren’t going to impact every other aspect of your game. Once you start looking at your game through the eyes of Wim Deputter, you’ll be amazed at the details you will see that you were blind to in the past.

The third and fourth volume of the series will get into dealing with all of the weapons and submissions that your opponent will throw at you from the back and how to defend them. But Wim will not stop there. Not only will he show you how to defend, but he will easily show you how to turn the tables on your opponent, regardless of your strength and athleticism.

In the fourth volume specifically, Wim is going to show you an interesting grip change that could literally change the course of your gi game forever. Almost as a bonus, this series is going to also include some interesting guard passing concepts that will complement the Back Defense material perfectly and give you a much more well-rounded understanding of Wim’s unique style and game.

So What Exactly Do You Get?

This is Wim Deputter’s complete back defense system and how to deal with anything your opponent can throw at you. In addition you are getting all of the most common ways to exploit the opponent’s attacks and turn your defensive postures into OFFENSIVE ATTACKS and keep them on their heels.

This DVD is perfect for the grappler at ANY level and you don’t need any crazy athleticism. Yes, Wim Deputter is an accomplished black belt with hundreds of BJJ matches and an outstanding 19-4 MMA record, but his instruction and techniques can make ANYONE a better at defending their back and turning this position into an ATTACK POSITION!

So What Techniques Are On This Series?

Volume 1:


Altruistic reason to get a good defense

A note on stalling

Back Defense 'Survival'

Volume 2:

Inside turnout 

Outside turnout

Defending against seat belt 

Turnout toward open side


Volume 3:

Fireman Escape System

Slide Down 

Closed side bridge

Open side bridge

Variation for less flexible people 

Open side turnover

Back Escape drill 

Arm bar defense 

Shin inside knee foot lock 

Foot lock variation 

Shin inside knee fail 

Mirroring from honey hole (bonus)

Volume 4:

Fireman Passing System


A. The Closed Guard

Closed guard pass 1 

The collar grip

Closed guard pass 2 

Closed guard pass 3 

B. The Single-under aka The Fireman Pass

Pressure passing hierarchy

Long step pass 

Sprawl and pass 

Kimura bait trap 

Rollover arm bar defense 

Opponents scoots around to the back 

Dela-riva back bait trap 

Reverse baby - hug 

Reverse baby - hug sit - up sweep 

Deep half rollover 

Deep half bridge over

So What Does It All Cost?

Wim Deputter travels the world teaching seminars with the Globetrotters network and is highly sought after. In this series, he looks to solve one of the greatest problems that any grappler must face, How do I deal with someone on my back? Wim doesn’t just deal with the escape, but he also shows you how to ATTACK from these positions. The techniques on these dvds do not require any crazy athleticism, but they will require great skill from your opponents to escape them. If you’re looking for the fastest way to get better at Back Defense then get this set.!
We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that. Instead cut that price nearly 50% and get Back Defense and Being Offensive With Someone On Your Back for just: