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The Mirroring Principle Bundle by Wim Deputter


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Wim Deputter

Professional Fighter

Learn old school hidden concepts that can make any fighter feel like they have ultra heavyweight pressure with Wim’s guide to creating force on the mat

  • Use the mirror principle for self defense and grappling as you stop them in their tracks with this BJJ hack from black belt instructor Wim Deputter
  • Finish fights with these submission systems from dominant positions
  • Wim Deputter is a belgium-based Brasa black belt in BJJ who has been able to help many students across the world with his mirroring concept
  • Apply a systematic approach to posture and mechanically open and break the guard from top position with the King’s Gambit position

Master The Mirroring Principle With This Discounted Bundle On Wim Deputter’s Guide To Grappling, Based On Principle-First Teaching That Will Improve Your Entire Game In This Six-Series Set

What Will You Learn?

Learn the mirroring principle from Belgium-based black belt Wim Deputter and let this concept change your whole game as Wim shows you how it can apply to so many positions and situations on the mat. Get this six-series bundle to save on learning these complete system from Wim as he brings you through the mirroring principle that has helped him teach students around the world.

This bundle includes:

  • The Mirroring Principle: Mirroring Principle and the Baby Bridge
  • The Mirroring Principle: The Hidden & Essential Mechanics of Pressure Passing
  • The Mirroring Principle: Fundamental Self Defense
  • The Mirroring Principle: The King’s Gambit
  • The Mirroring Principle: Endgame Finishers
  • The Mirroring Principle: Back Defense & Being Offensive With Someone On Your Back

With this complete bundle, you’ll get valuable instruction on grappling and self defense systems that can improve your entire game. Learn better pressure passing and how to open the closed guard with his King’s Gambit, and finish fights from dominant positions with his Endgame Finishers.

The mirroring principle can help you improve your defense and keep yourself safe on and off the mat, as you see how this simple trick can help you track your opponent’s movements and stay in better position to defend yourself. Get this six series bundle now to get access to the mirroring principle, broken down every instructional for students of all levels.



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