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The No Gi Game Plan: Takedown, Pass, Finish by John Combs


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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John Combs

Professional Fighter

Develop the perfect road map for no gi success with John Combs

  • Learn the most high percentage and relevant themes to help you dominate the no gi exchange
  • Adhere to the same proven outline as Combs and simplify your approach with takedowns, transitions, and submissions, tailored for no gi jiu-jitsu
  • From takedown to finish, enjoy incredible details and new isight on techniques you're already doing

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 0:53
Stance 0:53 - 3:38
Motion 3:38 - 8:22
Gripping 8:22 - 10:01
Setting the Collar tie 10:01 - 13:41
Breaking the Collar Tie 13:41 - 17:26
Arm Drags 17:26 - 20:42
Russian Tie 20:42 - 23:13
Underhooks 23:13 - 26:45
Double Leg 26:45 - 31:18
Set Ups to Double Leg 31:18 - 34:07
Single Leg 34:07 - 38:26

Volume 2

Engaging a seated guard player Introduction 0 - 1:16
Insight to guard passing 1:16 - 3:03
Passing the supine guard player 3:03 - 7:19
Knee Slice 7:19 - 13:02
Stepping the Middle 13:02 - 21:05
Addressing the shin on shin 21:05 - 26:20

Volume 3

Advancing from Side Control 0 - 7:04
Cracking The Mount 7:04 - 13:00
Armbar 13:00 - 22:09
Triangle 22:09 - 29:19

Volume 4

Maintaining the back 0 - 6:26
Proper RNC 6:26 - 10:11
Hand fighting from the back 10:11 - 22:35
Rear Triangle 22:35 - 30:59

Develop the perfect road map for no gi success with John Combs

Learn the most high percentage and relevant themes to help you dominate the no gi exchange

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What Will You Learn?

Training and competing in a no gi setting is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL. When things are a bit slipperier and moving at a faster pace, the game changes and requires us to modify our approach with an entirely different skillset! Understanding what works best and what kind of game plan to implement can take your no gi game from AVERAGE TO UNSTOPPABLE!

From the takedown to the finish, John Combs has prepared the ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT FOR NO GI SUCCESS. He’s included only the most high percentage techniques, transitions, and finishes, to help you focus your efforts and TIGHTEN UP YOUR NO GI SKILLSET IN A HURRY! Combs will provide the exact outline that he adheres to during his matches at the highest levels of competition. With simple and efficient technique, you will quickly understand why Combs has been so successful in his competitive no-gi endeavors against some of the best in the world!

So, What's On This Series?

Begin with important lessons on stance and motion, leading up to the takedown. You'll use the collar tie, the russian tie, the arm drag, plus much more, and LEARN MULTIPLE SETUPS FOR THE MOST EFFECTIVE NO GI TAKEDOWNS IN THE GAME. As the exchange hits the floor, you'll receive guidance on how to deal with different guard postures and the unique challenges they present. Once you've achieved a dominant position, you'll advance and begin to finish the fight with HIGH PERCENTAGE SUBMISSIONS from Comb’s own dangerous arsenal such as the arm bar, the triangle, the rear naked choke, and the rear triangle!

In volumes you'll gain an increased understanding of how to get the fight to the floor, achieve dominant position, and finish with high percentage submissions. Comb’s instruction is incredibly easy to follow and his concepts are simple to grasp. The layout of this instructional is perfectly tuned in to the needs of the modern no gi player and will instantly add new and dangerous layers to your no gi game plan!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Stance
  • Motion 
  • Gripping 
  • Setting the Collar tie 
  • Breaking the Collar Tie 
  • Arm Drags 
  • Russian Tie 
  • Underhooks 
  • Double Leg
  • Set Ups to Double Leg 
  • Single Leg 

Part 2:

  • Engaging a seated guard player Introduction 
  • Insight to guard passing 
  • Passing the supine guard player 
  • Knee Slice 
  • Stepping the Middle 
  • Addressing the shin on shin

Part 3:

  • Advancing from Side Control 
  • Cracking The Mount
  • Armbar 
  • Triangle 

Part 4:

  • Maintaining the back
  • Proper RNC 
  • Hand fighting from the back 
  • Rear Triangle 

So, What Does It Cost?

Don’t leave your no gi game plan to chance. With the guidance of one of today's best no gi competitors, you can quickly recruit the tools you need to narrow your focus and become more successful in your no gi exchanges. This outline will add instant value to your arsenal and help you comprehend the most important themes necessary for success in the modern no gi setting!

We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that. We’ve cut that price by nearly 50% and brought you The No Gi Game Plan with John Combs for just: