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The Running Man & The Baby Bridge: Essential Postures To Keep You Safe by Priit Mihkelson


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Priit Mihkelson

Professional Fighter

Learn incredible side control escaping concepts from one of the most sought after BJJ black belt instructors in the world, Priit Mihkelson

  • Mihkelson is one of the foremost authorities on BJJ efficiency and energy conservation making this the PERFECT instructional for those of us wishing to eliminate wasted movement and the expending of precious energy during our escapes
  • Enjoy several layers of amazing defense that will make it nearly impossible for your training partners and opponents to settle in and become dominant
  • The side control is one of the most common dominant positions in ALL of BJJ and a dynamic escape plan a necessity for EVERYONE

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 2:21
Physical introduction 2:21 - 10:04
Running man concepts 10:04 - 24:12
Transitions from running man to stick 24:12 - 28:52
Transitions from running man to panda 28:52 - 35:55
Transitions from running man to turtle 35:55 - 47:19

Volume 2

Running man invert 0 - 7:39
Running man leftovers 7:39 - 14:50
Sitting turtle to running man 14:50 - 18:29
Turtle to running man 18:29 - 26:52
Mistakes made from running man 26:52 - 39:08

Volume 3

Hawking 0 - 5:22
Testing hawking 5:22 - 13:14
Hawking to panda 13:04 - 18:36
Hawking to running man 18:36 - 24:27
Hawking/running man toreando 24:27 - 33:28
Hawking/running man over under 33:28 - 43:54
Proof of system 43:54 - 49:01
Creating slack 49:01 - 56:20

Volume 4

Defensive Wrist fighting 0 - 8:28
Babybridge 8:28 - 12:14
Babybridge explained 12:14 - 19:28
Transitions to babybridge 19:28 - 28:07
Babybridge to belly down 28:07 - 32:50
Babybridge as a peak out 32:50 - 37:06
Counter sweep with babybridge 37:06 - 44:42
Being sideways 44:42 - 47:55
Crossface Does Not Work 47:55 - 50:39
Why I Teach without Frames 50:39 - 54:20
Closing 54:20 - 57:26

Learn incredible side control escaping concepts from one of the most sought after BJJ black belt instructors in the world, Priit Mihkelson.

ADD DYNAMIC AND EFFECTIVE LAYERS of defense to your bottom side control game.

Check Out The Trailer To This Series!

What Will You Learn?

Revamp your side control escape plans with The Running Man featuring one of the most sought after black belt BJJ instructors on the planet, Priit Mihkelson, so that you can ADD DYNAMIC AND EFFECTIVE LAYERS of defense to your bottom side control game. Imagine being on your side with your legs in the configuration of a runner. Using this platform, Mihkelson will set you up with UNSTOPPABLE ESCAPE MEASURES and show you how to retreat, transition, and connect to your favorite positions!

Side control happens to be one of the most common dominant positions in all of grappling and with the right player on the other end, it can be seemingly impossible to make a clean getaway. Everyone needs a great plan and some options to make escaping a more 3-dimensional effort. With The Running Man, Mihkelson offers us a TRULY EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT escaping platform that will not only free you from side control and a whole host of other unfavorable predicaments, but also set you up to become offensive. All while using sound mechanics and EXPENDING LESS ENERGY!

So, What's On This Series?

If getting stuck is your norm, get ready for a change. In this information-packed series, Mihkelson will take you on a journey into the world of escaping, with BETTER DETAILS AND HIGH-LEVEL INSTRUCTION. You’ll start with some running man concepts and some methods to help you transition back to more favorable positions. You'll invert, travel to the turtle and back again, become offensive, and address common pitfalls, using the running man as a home base. Mihkelson will prove the effectiveness of the running man system over and over again as he transitions seamlessly to and from your favorite positions and reveals some beautifully intelligent movement ANYONE can benefit from!

Add a new dimension to your knowledge of the art of escaping with one of the greatest minds in BJJ. You’ll enjoy some of the most intelligent and applicable instruction ever assembled in 4 illuminating volumes, that will have you anxious to return to the mat so that you can try out these new concepts live!

Baby Bridge

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Physical introduction 
  • Running man concepts
  • Transitions from running man to stick 
  • Transitions from running man to panda
  • Transitions from running man to turtle

Part 2:

  • Running man invert
  • Running man leftovers
  • Sitting turtle to running man 
  • Turtle to running man 
  • Mistakes made from running man 

Part 3:

  • Hawking
  • Testing hawking 
  • Hawking to panda 
  • Hawking to running man 
  • Hawking/running man toreando 
  • Hawking/running man over under 
  • Proof of system 
  • Creating slack 

Part 4:

  • Defensive Wrist fighting
  • Babybridge 
  • Babybridge explained 
  • Transitions to babybridge 
  • Babybridge to belly down
  • Babybridge as a peak out 
  • Counter sweep with babybridge 
  • Being sideways
  • Crossface Does Not Work 
  • Why I Teach without Frames 
  • Closing


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