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The Sitting Turtle by Priit Mihkelson


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Priit Mihkelson

Professional Fighter

Sitting Turtle: Priit Mihkelson

  • Taking a cue from legendary Turtle Guard player Eduardo Telles, Priit Mihkelson is back with a deep dive into his complete system that breaks one of the number one rules we learn when we start jiu jitsu, Never Show Your Back!
  • In The Sitting Turtle, this forty-something Estonian is going to share his complete Sitting Turtle or Panda position which will keep you safe from back attacks, but will also give you the tools to deal with many other frustrating positions.
  • Priit Mihkelson is sought after all over the world for seminars because of his entertaining and philsophical approach to BJJ.
  • His simple, yet extremely effective approach is perfect for grapplers at every level who are looking for a fresh perspective on positions they THOUGHT they knew!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro to sitting turtle/upright side control a.k.a. “Panda” 0 - 4:20
understanding the sitting turtle/panda position 4:20 - 9:29
sitting turtle from side control 1 (hawking) 9:29 - 14:24
sitting turtle from side control 2 (running man) 14:24 - 20:29
sitting turtle from turtle 20:29 - 26:50

Volume 2

sitting turtle vs passing 1 (torreando) 0 - 5:26
sitting turtle vs passing 2 (snap down passing) 5:26 - 7:51
sitting turtle vs passing 3 (over/under) 7:51 - 11:52
sitting turtle vs passing 4 (leg & shoulder) 11:52 - 13:53
sitting turtle vs passing 5 (knee slice) 13:53 - 17:12
diving deeper into sitting turtle/panda 1 (intro) 17:12 - 22:34
diving deeper into sitting turtle/panda 2 (elbow position) 22:34 - 25:06
Diving deeper into sitting turtle/panda 3 (hand fighting/avoiding seatbelts) 25:06 - 30:13
Diving deeper into the sitting turtle/panda 4 (defending against hooks) 30:13 - 34:55
Diving deeper into the sitting turtle/panda 5 (peripheral movement) 34:55 - 39:23
Diving deeper into sitting turtle/panda 6 (dealing with the seatbelt) 39:23 - 42:12
Diving deeper into sitting turtle/panda 7 ( defending gi strangles) 42:12 - 47:12

Volume 3

Active Panda/Active Sitting Turtle 0 - 4:58
Active Turtle Intro 4:58 - 7:59
Active turtle application 1 7:59 - 11:45
active turtle application 2 11:45 - 13:36
Active turtle application 3 13:36 - 15:53
Regaining Guard from Active Turtle 15:53 - 18:29
regaining guard from active turtle 2 18:29 - 21:39

Volume 4

addressing the “back take phalacy” 1 (no-gi) 0 - 3:39
addressing the “back take phalacy” 2 (gi) 3:39 - 6:34
addressing the “back take phalacy” 3 6:34 - 9:54
defending the back from active turtle 9:54 - 15:54
defending cross ashi Garami from active turtle 15:54 - 18:05
defending against the scoop grip from active turtle 18:05 - 24:04
Closing remarks 24:04 - 27:51

Taking a cue from legendary Turtle Guard player Eduardo Telles, Priit Mihkelson is back with a deep dive into his complete system that breaks one of the number one rules we learn when we start jiu jitsu, Never Show Your Back!

What Will You Learn?

People who have purchased Priit’s Guard Retention and Turtle instructionals are blown away by his unique approach.  Mihkelson doesn’t simply run through a series of disconnected techniques that you will throw into your toolbox not really knowing how to apply them.  Instead, he clearly presents the underlying concepts of each of these techniques and positions making it MUCH more likely that you’ll be able to put them into practice and keep your back from being taking using his Sitting Turtle approach.

So What’s on this series?

This four volume series is going to be a deep dive into the concepts behind the Sitting Turtle and the Panda position.  Once you’ve got a firm grasp on each of the positions and their uses, Priit goes through a wide variety of situations and scenarios in which to employ them.  

Volume 1 of the series is going to serve as an introduction to the positions and get you right into dealing with pesky side control.

Volume 2 is going to be a deeper dive into the positions, with focus on addressing various passing types like torreando passes, knee slice passes and over/under passes.

Volume 3 and Volume 4 will present more and more practical uses for Sitting Turtle and Active Panda

So what exactly do you get?

With this purchase, you are going to get 4 volumes of instruction chock full of ways to deal with all of the most frustrating aspects of the back attack.  Priit is going to show you how to address the hooks, the seatbelt and most importantly, defend against those strangles.

But that’s not all, he is also going to show you the proper way to employ the Sitting Turtle and Panda against guard passes and when you find yourself stuck in bad spots, like the dreaded side control.  This series will change the way you think about your game for the better!

So What Does It Cost?

Priit Mihkelson is one of the most sought after instructors around the world.  Good luck trying to book him for a seminar at your school as his calendar is filled for months and years in advance.  His popularity as an instructor is a testament to the wealth of insight he brings to his teaching. This material doesn’t require crazy flexibility and athleticism.  Priit Mihkelson’s approach is about working smarter, not harder.  

We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that.  Instead cut that price nearly 50% and get Sitting Turtle for just: