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The Snake Lasso Guard by Hiago Gama


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Hiago Gama

Professional Fighter

Make your guard unpassable with the Snake Lasso Guard and it’s unique controls, sweeps, and submissions

  • Hiago teaches a Snake Lasso in a manner that makes ANYONE able to learn this new, innovative position.
  • Transition seamlessly between attacks by staying a step ahead of your opponent at every turn.
  • Force reactions and be prepared with slick submissions that come on fast, and hard to stop!
  • Your opponent will have to choose between being swept or submitted while stuck in the Snake Lasso.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Snake Lasso Tripod 0:59
Defending Tripod To Sweep To Armbar 13:09
Snake Lasso Defends Tripod To Stand Up Sweep 24:00

Volume 2

Snake Lasso To Omoplata 0
Snake Lasso To Kneebar 7:39
Snake Lasso Armbar And Back Take When Opponents Knee On The Ground 16:42
Snake Lasso Tripod Sweep To Leg Drag 24:26
Outro 29:49

Obtain Complete Control Over Your Opponent With The Unique Lasso Guard Variation Developed By International Competitor Hiago Gama!

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What Will You Learn?

The Snake Lasso Guard is a 2-part series that dives into this new and innovative position created by Hiago Gama. As an international competitor Gama developed the Snake Lasso position to defeat even the best guard passing strategies. Whether you like to play Lasso, Spider, or Lapel Guard you know that Guard Passing is always evolving and getting stronger. The Snake Lasso looks to give the guard player the upper hand when dealing with pressure or mobility passing!

Regardless of the passing strategy, Hiago teaches you to hunt out the Snake Lasso Guard. While the Snake Lasso is a complex position, once you understand some overall concepts it will become an invaluable part of your arsenal. These key concepts are hammered out early into the instructional. Once the Snake Lasso is locked on getting out becomes a nightmare for your opponent.

A major focus of the The Snake Lasso Guard instructional is to teach you a repeatable method of obtaining the position, gaining complete control, and then transitioning to your offensive onslaught. The Snake Lasso puts your opponent under constant threat of sweeps and submissions. On top of that, you will be able to maintain your guard and reduce the passing options available to your opponent.

Whether your opponent is trying to smash you with pressure, or outflank you with mobility passing, The Snake Lasso Guard lays out the game plan to put your opponent exactly where you want them. Turn the tables on the opposition with innovative tricks that lead your opponent directly into your pre-set traps!

Hiago lays out a comprehensive approach to entering into the Snake Lasso. Control your opponent by limiting ALL passing options. Stay ahead of your opponent by forcing them to defend sweeps only to find themselves snagged in a submission. Or threaten with submissions to open opportunities for secure sweeps. Open up an offensive onslaught on your opponent with The Snake Lasso Guard by Hiago Gama!

Snake Lasso To Kneebar

What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Snake Lasso Tripod
  • Defending Tripod To Sweep To Armbar 
  • Snake Lasso Defends Tripod To Stand Up Sweep 

Part 2:

  • Snake Lasso To Omoplata 
  • Snake Lasso To Kneebar 
  • Snake Lasso Armbar And Back Take When Opponents Knee On The Ground 
  • Snake Lasso Tripod Sweep To Leg Drag
  • Outro 

Defending Tripod To Sweep To Armbar

So, What Does It All Cost?