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The Split Guard System by Karel "Silver Fox" Pravec


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Karel Pravec

Professional Fighter

Karel “Silver Fox” Pravec Presents His Innovative Split Guard System That Anyone Can Use To Control Opponents While Hunting For High-Percentage Submissions!

  • Pravec has developed the split guard over decades of BJJ experience!
  • Use the split guard to get out from under heavy opponents, and outflank them with a wide range of submissions.
  • Make the split guard system a valuable part of your game by learning consistent entries into the position.
  • Avoid common problems like stacking by utilizing the split guard and completely nullify guard passers.
  • Give yourself a fighting chance against larger/aggressive opponents with a clear-cut system of attack with Karel Pravec’s Split guard system!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro and definition 0
Test 29:35

Volume 2

Sprinkler of submissions 0
Short armbar 11:52
Triangle 20:22

Volume 3

Omoplata 0
Inverted armbar 16:54
Ude gatame 26:06

Volume 4

Entries 0
Conclusion 25:52

Upgrade Your Guard With The Split Guard System From Karel “Silver Fox” Pravec!


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What Will You Learn?

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Tired of getting stacked and smashed from the guard? You aren’t alone! Thankfully, Karel “Silver Fox” Pravec has an interesting solution to take on today’s modern passing style with his battle tested Split Guard system. The split guard is an innovative take on the guard where you will be able to work to the side of opponents while you avoid their pressure and passing attempts. It also provides a sophisticated hub to launch submissions from!

Karel looks to provide a clear-cut method of entering into the split guard from several common positions on the ground. This means that regardless of where you end up, you won’t be too far from this powerful position. Split guard is also a position that doesn’t require you to be gifted with any exceptional attributes. Jiu-Jitsu practitioners of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels will be able to enter into split guard and hunt for submissions. 

See the source image

Speaking of submissions! The Silver Fox has multiple forms of arm locks and strangles waiting to be deployed from the split guard once you arrive. These aren’t your run of the mill armbars, triangles, or omoplatas either. The split guard provides an ultra-efficient platform to land high-percentage submissions due to the advantageous angles that it creates. 

Pravec is a top-tier instructor with a knack for pointing out game-changing concepts that can be easily overlooked. The split guard system is a perfect example of this! If you are looking to secure more submissions while on bottom, then Karel Pravec’s split guard system is for YOU!

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