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The Total Technical Guide To Underhook Offense by Kyle Cerminara


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Wrestle And Win From The Underhook With NCAA All-American Kyle Cerminara’s Guide To Takedown Success
  • Get to underhooks and score systematically using Kyle Cerminara’s guide to takedowns from this time tested control tie
  • Kyle Cerminara is an NCAA All-American wrestler and grappling coach who is sharing everything you need to know for securing an underhook and controlling your opponent
  • Use the underhook to get to single legs, high crotches, throw bys, trips, and more, as Kyle explains all the ways this can be a dynamic and diverse position
  • Learn underhook offense that Kyle has honed and perfected, including his cobra series and how to score from the 50/50 underhook and score with bad head position

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 2:59
Basic Underhook Position 2:59 - 5:04
Getting To An Underhook. Getting To An Underhook 5:04 - 6:55
Getting An Underhook off Clearing a Collar Tie 6:55 - 8:47
Getting An Underhook off 2-on-1 Baseball Grip 8:47 - 10:48
Getting An Underhook off Fake High Single 10:48 - 12:16
Getting An Underhook off Clearing a Russian Tie 12:16 - 14:11
Underhook and “Cobra” Series. High Crotch 14:11 - 16:52
Fake High Crotch to Short Offense 16:52 - 20:51
Kneeblock 20:51 - 24:11
Kneeblock to Double 24:11 - 25:42
Far Wrist Duck Under 25:42 - 28:12
Underhook Single Legs. Knee pull 28:12 - 30:56
Knee Pull To Back Trip Finish 30:56 - 32:53
Head Lever Single 32:53 - 34:58
Wrist Pull Single 34:58 - 37:47
Throw by to single 37:47 - 41:03
Throw by to low level single 41:03

Volume 2

Scoring from Underhook without head position. Inside tie double leg 0 - 3:08
Arm Drag 3:08 - 4:26
Fake double snap down 4:26 - 5:45
Underhook Collar Series . Throw by 5:45 - 7:33
Pinch Headlock Shuck by 7:33 - 9:46
50/50 Underhook. Inside Trip 9:46 - 11:34
50/50 Underhook. Inside Trip 11:34 - 15:07
Pummel to Arm Drag 15:07 - 17:37
Slide by Knee Pick 17:37 - 20:07
Push Pull Foot Sweep 20:07 - 22:02
Arm Spin 22:02 - 24:14
Foot sweep to short offense 24:14 - 26:05
Clearing An Underhook. Option 1 26:05 - 27:59
Option 2 27:59 - 29:40
Option 3 29:40 - 31:20
Option 4 21:35 - 22:45

Wrestle And Win From The Underhook With NCAA All-American Kyle Cerminara’s Guide To Takedown Success




What Will You Learn?

Get a total takedown system that anyone can use, with NCAA All-American and elite grappling coach Kyle Cerminara’s instructional series on this effective control tie. With options for scoring from many dynamic underhook positions, this is a guide that creates tons of offense while keeping you safe and on the attack.

Punish Opponents With These Hand Fighting Secrets



Start basic with all the best ways to get to the underhook, and how to use basic positioning to keep the position as you work for the score. Use your strong underhook to start shooting to the legs, looking for upper body offense, and more. With your own moves as well as counters for your opponent’s counters, this can become your complete blueprint for takedown success.

Combine Attacks For More Success Than Ever


Kyle Cerminara shows you all the offensive options you’ll need, including what to do with bad head position or in the 50/50 clinch. Build your underhook knowledge with options on how to clear them out, so you don’t get caught up in your own game, and can get right back to your strong and effective takedowns.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Getting To An Underhook
  • Getting To An Underhook
  • Getting An Underhook Off Clearing A Collar Tie
  • Getting An Underhook Off 2-On-1 Baseball Grip
  • Getting An Underhook Off Fake High Single
  • Getting An Underhook Off Clearing A Russian Tie
  • Underhook And "Cobra" Series
  • High Crotch
  • Fake High Crotch to Short Offense
  • Kneeblock
  • Kneeblock to Double
  • Far Wrist Duck Under
  • Underhook Single Legs
  • Knee Pull
  • Knee Pull to Back Trip Finish
  • Head Lever Single
  • Wrist Pull Single
  • Throw By To Single
  • Throw By To Low Level Single

Part 2:

  • Scoring From Underhook Without Head Position
  • Inside Tie Arm Drag
  • Fake Double Snap Down
  • Underhook Collar Series
  • Throw By
  • Pinch Headlock
  • Pinch Headlock Shuck By
  • 50/50 Underhook
  • Inside Trip
  • Pummel To Arm Drag
  • Slide By Knee Pick
  • Push Pull Foot Sweep
  • Arm Spin
  • Foot Sweep To Short Offense
  • Clearing An Underhook
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4

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